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Thread: The Lock Decay Flaws - Suggestion/Solutions

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    Default The Lock Decay Flaws - Suggestion/Solutions


    Locks can be used to lock an area of a world, this thread will be focused on locks that do not locks an entire world. Multiple players may place multiple locks in the world, and world locks cannot be placed unless all locks in the world are removed (or are owned by the player who is placing it.)
    This often caused world names to go to waste as once a world is not world locked people will usually do "lock battles" or try to own as many areas as possible. After some time, the world is no longer active, and dozens of locks can be owned by dozens of different owners, effectively meaning that world locking a world is nearly impossible as players can go inactive, get banned, or refuse to give on their areas (which is fine).
    To remedy that, in late 2014 Seth/Hamumu added lock decay. Locks that are not world lock decay in 180 days if they havent logged on under such time span. This freed up a lot of worlds, however many flaws came along with that that makes it easy to circumvent, to a point where the system is utterly nulled.

    The Problem

    Locks of which their owner have not played for 180 days can be punched to be removed, freeing up the area for players to lock it instead. However, only the lock itself can be punched. This means, that cleverly made areas of which players do not have the required sight and punch range to said lock may not be able to claim the lock, being the problem of punching at it's core.

    Example One

    Example Two

    Moderators can noclip, but are not allowed to interact with items that are not theirs (as usual), just like how you cannot edit a tile you do not own. However, a lock that has technically decayed and should technically disintegrate should also mean that the area should not be meant to be locked due to the intent of the feature.

    The solution
    One solution although not the best could be that moderators should be able to punch such locks for players instead on a case-by-case basis following such conditions:
    • Is it a lock that is actually eligible for decay?
    • Is the player able to reach the boundaries of said area?
    • Does the lock have any admins?

    But this solution is easily outperformed by another because of the lack of moderators and automatism in the game, therefore my suggestion would be:
    Allowing areas/locks to disintegrate by simply punching a tile that the lock is supposed to cover.
    Not only does that allow areas to be recycled when inactive without being prevented by the range, thus allowing new world names to be used, but also allows for actual dynamic worlds that do not stay forever unused.

    This ended up being rather long but it was always something that has been on my mind after seeing the countless amount of worlds that have abused that workaround or are utterly wasted because of this being possible.
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