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Thread: Who am I to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperPepz1 View Post
    Yes I tried to warn people about people who is a traitor
    Becareful on what your saying tho, because one toxic word and me and my team will expose you.
    Hmmmm?, You are trying to expose the traitors of the growtopia forums with your own team?

    Not to hate but, i have many questions about you:
    Who are you actually if you are a forumer before?
    What are you trying to do? wipe out all traitors? to me, that's too surprising
    To you, what's definition of a traitor?
    Why are you doing this stuff?

    To me, you are really very weird forumer
    Just a weird and unknown forumer

    My waifu is...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaths View Post
    cool one question, may i steal ur eggs?
    Join forumers united

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    I don’t even know you

    And I don’t give a single damn whether or not you expose me, I have nothing to be exposed
    IGN: Deftera
    Just a Touhou fan and otaku
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    Quote Originally Posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
    I have a heart?
    Quote Originally Posted by effanx11 View Post
    Do you love dragons with your brain?



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