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    Default hi guys

    i have a question about spam policy in growtopia code is says

    Bumping your own thread repeatedly or posting threads without being relevant to where it is posted in order to raise your post count or posting threads disrupting the normal forum activities.
    but what does this mean in human terms lol like does it mean like i cant post reply to other on thread because i am reply to them and not thread starter???
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    It says don't spam the same topic all over again and not in different sub forums.. Sure you can spam your thread in the right sub forum, the first original made. But it would be too depressing as well since it will go back down again
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    It is pretty obvious what the definition of spamming should consist of. Derailing the main topic of the thread in any way the detracts from discussion, including galvanizing casual conversations with other people in the thread, is spam. In addition, spam is posting the same message repeatedly, making low-effort posts that vaguely relate to the topic, and bumping threads (there is a proper etiquette for bumping threads).
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