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Thread: SantaTropica For WOTD

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    Lightbulb SantaTropica For WOTD

    Grow ID: Winwood
    World name: SANTATROPICA


    World includes:
    - P & Z Jammers
    - Fire House
    - Weather Machine - Snowy/ Valentine
    - Parkour featuring unique block mechanics + Cybots
    - Mazes
    - Winterfest materials/ Villages & a Santa!
    - Facts on Christmas/Valentines & more!
    - Credits Board next to the world entrance
    - VIP room with a password door after you finish the world!
    - Cute candy cane pixel art

    Shoutout to my beloved friends who helped me, it would’ve been impossible to bring you guys this experience without the help of:

    Acais, Megamilky & Dvours for the amazing original designs!

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