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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenChloe View Post
    Removed, cause there is absolutely 0 reasons to come comment how bad is someones english. That wont help anyone, it only hurts and when ppl learn that they get million extremely rude comments if they even try use their english in somewhere, they wont use it ever again and when they are too scared to even try communicate in english, they can't ever learn it more. So what those replies does is
    -> huge damage to person, who is brave enough to even try. Will that person be so brave ever again after all those comments? Maybe not. So what these people just did was extremely rude, extremely cruel and that makes me extremely angry for real.

    If someone speak bad english in real life, will those same ppl go and say to them that hahahhahha, i don't understand a word, could you even try noob, you sound weird? I don't think so. And if they do, then they are low ppl. Like garbage. When someone try something what is new for them, you need support, not beaten up them. How hard is that? This place is like huge playground where kids bully who ever they ever just can. They try find good reasons to bully others in every second. I feel always bad when i'm on forums. And then i meet these same evil kids in game and feel even worse. This game is making me sick, seriously sick. And only option what i have left is:Quit or play mostly alone and interact with strangers as less as ever possible. Sounds good? Does any of you even enjoy this game more time than feel bad? When this game turned in this way?
    i just didn't understand, sorry bout' that

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    What's with the copy pasta? I prefer spaghetti noddle codes
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