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This world took me roughly 2 days to build, I had the idea of building this world in my mind for a long time now though in the very beggining I was rather lazy with it. Gathering the resources was a pain therefore I bought all the resources from expensive vends.

The world has difficult and easy levels at the same time, I used packed ice to make it more challenging for players who wanted to test their skills. Every level in the world is possible, I made sure that I had multiple people test the world beforehand. It just requires patience and skills.

Why don't I have a special room for the winners?
Well yeah, I don't have one because I didn't want my world to have one since all those winner rooms are too common IMO instead I decided that it can have a different ending which gives a special message

What's up with the world name?
Well, well, The Lumineer's is my favorite Rock Band and also the bands' foundation date is nearing so I decided to give the world that name. Yeah that's pretty much all.

It's been a pretty long time since my last world so I'm kinda dusted too. Please suggest away, UwU.