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Thread: myLo do anythin' v 2.2 ( my Phone is fast low bat edition)

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    Default myLo do anythin' v 2.2 ( my Phone is fast low bat edition)

    note: I use phone in this service and i'm bored so, if i keep logging off means my battery low.
    and don't worry i will be back again, and this service helped me alot while i'm waiting for new phone (XS i think hehe)

    Since myLo do anythin' is so Missable ,I decided to make new thread what my service is:

    harvesting Service

    this harvesting service is Harvesting your Tree! Yes Trees!
    I’ll use Harvester, you can provide(Supply) Fuel pack or I provide fuelpack.
    If i provide fuelpack(You can paid the fuelpack per wls(it’s depends the fuelpack price)

    Buying and Selling Service

    A service that help you Buying and selling service.
    Remember give me tax per buying or selling items.
    I will buy and sell to you!
    Shout out service! (Instagram user only) [FREE!]
    Since every Tuesday and Weekends i do Shoutout for random people, why not i can do for you.and it’s Free!

    No matter what advertisement for your world that sell like a items or you buy items!

    Planting Services!
    Tell me what to plant i will plant for you!
    The cost is about 3 wls - 5wls per 2500 seeds planted.(or you can said 1 farm = 3 to 5 wls

    Ghost Hunting Service!

    Tell me which one i can hunt and i'll kill em.
    The price is depends on the farm if alot of ghost ( you can paid anythin')

    Thank you!

    That is my service!

    myLo do anything 2.1

    Mylo do anythin' 2 edition

    mylo do anythin' [Original page that i was started]
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