World : SaveTheNewYear Growid: Verside

This world includes:
-Parkour (Medium difficulty)
-Riddles/Questions about Chinese New Year. (GT Related/Applies to real life too)
-Pixel art of Nian and a Dragon head.
-Adventure to the cave of Nian/Derby of Nian.

Story of the world:
Nian, the ancient beast, had once again appear at the village during Lunar Chinese New Year to destroy all the live crops and demolish the whole village. According to the Chinese mythology, this beast had always showed up during Chinese New Year to ruin the atmosphere and eat up everything in sight.This made the villagers very
Afraid of it. However, after some time, they found out 3 secrets about Nian , Someone will brave through the obstacles to destroy Nian once and for all and save the new year......