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Hello Growtopians!

It's time to rejoice in one of the world's most celebrated events: the Lunar New Year! Have a fun and fortunate time with family and friends, and make sure you enjoy all the new blocks and items we've added (and those scrumptious cookies)!

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the new content:

  • It’s itchy out there, you might want to explore the new Draconic item - the Draconic Claw!
  • The Draconic Wings and Draconic Rocket Parasols are both making a comeback - 100 of each are available again from a Lucky Fortune Cookie.
  • Oriental Spice Spray is even more useful, if you're feeling lucky...check it out!
  • A surprise awaiting when splicing Fortune Cookie tree...
  • Lunar New Year items can only work during the event from now on. Rush now!

We hope you'll like this update! Please share your feedback and suggestions in the thread here, we would like you know your thoughts about it!

Enjoy the festival, and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

~ NekoRei