Thanks for giving us a roadmap. It's sad it had to end like this. I do understand it. Growtopia on Console was flawed to begin with. Growtopia is mainly an Idle game (Farming). You can't really play an Idle game on the Big Screen. It was better fit for Switch and Mobile. Building is nice on PC, but it feels weird on Console. Thanks for not giving us more (fake) hope. Thanks for destroying it. I mean that. Thanks for telling the truth.
I loved the community on Console, because it was small. You knew basically everyone on the server. You could actually MANAGE to explore all the worlds the game had to offer.
Thanks to the mods for keeping in touch with the community through the forums. Thanks for the replies to posts. Thanks for the in-person events. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to any because of my daily life.
Things come and go, maybe that's for the better.