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Thread: CNYHISTORY by Krag & Botulinum

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    Default CNYHISTORY by Krag & Botulinum

    Hey everyone, I nominated this world for WOTD. I posted this on a thread because I would love to hear your guys feedback about the world.

    This is a Chinese New Year inspired world correlating to the legendary story of why Chinese New Years is celebrated. In ancient times, people would fear of this monster named Nian. Every Chinese New Year’s Eve it would appear to eat people and destroy the village. Until one day, someone visited the village and successfully scared away this monster by pasting red papers on doors, burning bamboo to make a loud cracking sound, lighting candles in the houses, and wearing red clothes. Afterwards, this tradition has been continued and has become an important way to celebrate the arrival of the new year

    Story of CNYHISTORY:

    It is Chinese New Year’s Eve and Nian is extremely hungry which makes him angry. VERY ANGRY. The villagers have all flee away to somewhere safe, but you stay behind to protect this village. You have one and only goal, which is to get to the top of the temple and smash the gong as hard as possible to scare away Nian; through the Lanterns of illusion, Nian of fury, and Temple of challenges.

    Features of the world include:

    - Parkour
    - Maze
    - Adventures items
    - Pixel art
    - Winner's Lounge
    - Historical facts about CNY
    - Basic Jammers

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    Nice pixel art!
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