There were only 3-4 support specialists and 0 community manager when there was 70,000 online players and old support team managed quite well even if they were only 3-4 person. Also i want to make a poll that which support were better one. Please don't close this thread please, it can be feedback to Growtopia Operations Managers.

Personally i can wait 4-5days for mail reply if i will get non-automatic reply. Currently if you got banned, you have no chance to talk to support again even if it's wrong ban. Their auto reply like ''' You got banned for doing illegal activities and you are not welcomed to growtopia again. Since we answered your mail, your next mails will be ignored. ''' I didn't really saw someone who got un-banned by support after he received wrong ban. Mostly they are trying to reach Moderators 1.0 or one or two moderators from Mods 2.0

12 support Specialist and 3 Community Manager total monthly salary like 50.000$ or something. It can be spent as a resource for better updates.