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Thread: How do I profit

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    Wink How do I profit

    Hello, I am an on and off growtopia player for 6 years. I recently came back a week or two ago and have about 10 dls to work with. What is the best way to profit rn, preferably using vends or something right now. I would prefer it wasn't to work intensive since I do not have too much time

    Any advice helps! Cheers
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    If you don't have much time, do crime vend shop or surg vend shop. Also you can try investing.
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    Here are some other option you could try:
    1. Science Station [Since station is like 6-7/1, u can buy ton of it and earn daily wls] [As i've mentioned above, its a long-term investment]
    2. Lazy farming [Hire people to break your farmable and use slime in your farm world, dont forget to use tractor and chicken plow]
    3. Lazy farming Part 2 [Buy seeds and sell blocks]
    4. Trade [Buy cheap, Sell more, check all item price first and start to do it when u found a cheap one]
    5. Spirit Storage Unit [Kind of gambling and risky, all u gotta do is buy SSU and place in 30 + 10 + 14 ghost in a jar and a boss goo, if you're lucky enough, u can get dreamcatcher which worth around 6 dls if im not wrong or maybe lower] [Not reccomended but u'd try if u want]
    6. Catching Ghost [Take a long time to sell but pretty profitable, buy jar, catch ghost,sell ghost in jar, plant the seed, harvest the tree, catch ghost again, untill u ran out of jar]
    7. Vend world [Pretty profitable, surgery or crime card vend world]
    8. Lazy massing [Buy seeds and splice it! Example: puzzle brick and hospital bed = Surg-e which worth like 8-11/1]
    9. Tackle boxes [It wont give much profit though, but u still can earn some wls per 2 days]
    10. Investing [Buying item from an event, and wait untill the price rise - Please note that not all event item will rise, try to do some research about the item first]
    11. Geiger farming [Buy geiger charger + luminous eye and try to use it with different account and do it over and over again]
    12. Shatter Quest [Buy ton of crystal, make something with it, sell it during carnival because people might need it for the ring quest]
    13. Surgery [Kind of gambling and risky, all u gotta do is buy packs and do surgery as much as u can everyday and hope to get thingamabob] [Not reccomended but u'd try if u want]

    All the thing i mentioned above is based on my experience

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