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Thread: Let's talk about BUYRAYMAN

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    Quote Originally Posted by CsnHacker View Post
    Edit: I apologise for not having a constructive thread. Now that this posts has gotten a lot of attention. I'll explain thoroughly.

    To get to BUYRAYMAN, growtopians have to use items that lets you take 50% damage from fire and climb walls. The owner makes these kinds of links and abuses them by putting a vend with the items selling for 1 per wl. Some people say it's to reduce spammers and price manipulators. If that is so, you don't need to place a vend there now do you. The motive obviously isn't to reduce spammers, it's to maximise profits. This creates a uncomfortable playing experience to people. Sure it's just 2wls... TO UNETHICAL PEOPLE. It's like that feeling where you get scammed 10wls, but even though you have 10dls, it's hard to sleep at night. It's not the amount that matters, it's the fact that you lost it to someone who doesn't deserve it. I think the owner of BUYRAYMAN should be warned of performing these acts as it does involve mistreating other players who want to trade and keep the economy flowing, congesting it at the same time. I know it's the owner's world and the owner spent dls for it but that doesn't mean he can do evade the growtopian code or create an unhealthy playing experience. Any thoughts?
    Even if you edit your thread 1000 times your thread still sound dumb..95% Of Growtopians Got Climbing boots,Ring of water,zinc and many other item that reduce the damage taken from lava...Even me myself i did not buy those stuff from the world...I dont see any issues here..Again the owner have right to gain fossil,Other profit like you said "He sell climbing boots" he can do that...
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    I mean, the world its his, he can do whatever he wants with it. there are no side effects, you are just stingy i assume. bring a will of the wild hair with you anywhere in your backpack if you want to avoid these annoying little vend profits, things like this actually reduced quite a bit of spammers though.

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    Just use a will of wild

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