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    ign ThisLagTHO

    Recently i was banned for - Sharing an account - Inappropriate, sexual content - Selling Diamond locks/in-game items. I am yet to find out what i said or did that was Inappropriate or sexual content. Secoundly i have not sold an dimond locks or item or bought. This may be due to my friend logging in sometimes when i forgot to drop the magplants which is the account sharing bit. I did not know it was illegal at the time since it doesnt say in /rules it says to keep your password safe or it will result in stolen items but in terms of use which probably nobody reads it says that sharing an account is against tos. As soon as i found out about this i stopped. I also probably said some pretty dumb things back then as well but to get perma banned for those 2 reason i believe is unfair i can never play gt again. My account was only 750 days old but i had 3500+ hours i grinded every day harvesting and planting bfgs. I understand i did wrong but i fixed it i would never want to be banned. perma ban for 2 things that didnt even affect others. I know nothing will probably happen since the rules are very strict and perma bans are givin pretty easily now. also the reason i got my logs searched was because some mod moved my 1 of my worlds and support said i it was a hacked case all i wanted were the mod had moved it since it wasnt the first time it had happened due to the new mods not know sexy boxers are in game and because my world sexybfg9 is named after them they just move it and ban me. Its said to see this is the way i stop playing i grinded so much hopeing i would get tired and move on to a new game but never did. Maybe my ban will be reduced when they realise i didnt sell dls or buy dls. But 720 day ban which isnt perma like a 730 day ban is will be better so then i can come back in 2 years and say hello to my friends if they havent quit or been banned yet.

    Goodbye i guess

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    ok cool. now what do u want us to do?
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    ok cool. What do you want us to do?
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    There’s nothing anyone of us can do here, ban discussions are also not allowed on the forums.
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    We don't allow ban discussions at forums as we're unable to help you here and such cases should be kept private. Please contact with support desk if you haven't! (Click to see how)

    Closing thread.



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