Nominating PANDEMONIUM for WOTD by kaito and krankie

Here is the latest render:
Name:  pandemonium.png
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A young kid (you) who have commited a lot of sins in the human world have been punished in the pandemonium, a hellish world that burns and let sinners suffer. The young kid (you) does not know what role he/she places in the pandemonium that is why he/she gets to choose rather to be a ruler of slave entities or to be a slave of ruler entities.

World Contains:
*Hellish looking designs (original)
*Symetrical Hell castle and towers (original)
*Demonic seal symbol original pixel art
*Two deadly floating head monsters original pixel art
*Choose a role gameplay (ruler or slave)
*Choose your clothing item gameplay
*Choose what path to go on gameplay
*Working Cybots in each tower
*Song: Death Note (creepy flute ver.) transcribed by kaito and kranki
*Mystery Door gameplay (chance gameplay)
*Full set of jammers (Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse, Weather Machine - Background [Rock N' Roll Wallpaper])

Goodluck to everyone