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Thread: Question Realted to Growtopia Account Transactions.

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    Question Question Realted to Growtopia Account Transactions.

    Erm, what's up, Growtopians.!

    I made this thread just to know whether buying/selling Growtopia Accounts for World Locks is legal/not.
    Well, if it is need for me to give some informations, me myself kinda well-known in certain Growtopia Community, and being asked to help them doing transactions related to buying/selling Growtopia Accounts (as a middleman in short), and I want to know, is it actually legal to do so? (since all this time, I always thought that the things that I've done so far is just helping others to do the transactions).

    Once I also asked this questions, and I got so many different answers, that makes it unclear for me personally.
    That is also why I decided to post this question on Growtopia Forum to get the certain answer xD.

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    No, buying/selling, transferring accounts whether with in game currency or out of game trade is not legal and everyone involved in will get banned from game permanently. Avoid taking part in such cases!

    Check out The Growtopian Code as it has more detailed guidance.

    Closing thread.



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