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Hello Growtopians,

A fine and friendly February to you all! Awesome things are coming to you this month, like an all-new (and all-subterranean) update, and the ever-romantic Valentine's Day spectacular, but until then, we want to kick things off with a few amazing new additions for your closet:

February IOTM: Medusa's Crown! A gift from the great Gorgon herself, this crown not only gives you the power to blast blocks with her serpentine gaze; it also lets you turn your enemies - and hey, maybe even friends - to stone!

Let us know what you think here.

Subscriber Item: Walking Cane! Tired of jumping to and fro? Starting to feel like breaking blocks is a young Growtopian's game? Well, if you're going to retire, you should have a sweet cane to help you do it! Grab it and enjoy endless - and super-classy - support in your twilight years!

New featured Content Creators are finally here! We've scouted for the best content creators we have out there basing the selection of the new batch on the quality of their contents. So, without further ado, meet this cycle's Featured Content Creators:

Happy gaming, everyone!

~ NekoRei