FORUMERS think I'm toxic, suspecious.

Hello there, I'm .
I wanted to say I'm back Ingame, and will start investigating every each forumers. Not stalking, we'll do it on a legal friendly way.

Before you tell me that, I'm experienced it all. A forumer who stole a weather machine, a forumer who dumped someone. Some would just pretend to be friendly by purposes they'll do something, pretending that there your friends.

I have the list of them, but slinging is illegal!

Via discord, forums, Ingame or any social media sites. I've been seeing many people stalking or thinking I'm something. All of you are wrong. I was inactive. Comes back, and now people talks about me because of toxicity? Suspecious?

I've been on every famous or on any private discord servers. Just watching your messege.

Just a reminder, were a group of 32 people who meet irl, were here to help new people on how to play the game and probably adding them as mentor

We're not a group of a sb wars, were a group of friends that shares, Spending time on eachother, compensating eachother and NOOBATTACKING! My friends will borrow this forum account if needed.

Tl;dr - I'm a normal person, we formed a group of 32 people to help and to mentor the new ones, were not suspecious, were not toxic. Were here to help. We investigate forumers because some of them are bad.

And oh yea, We sometimes do a free services ingame! " Free world breaking, Fighting against bullies and making people like by one another ". Which will be hallening soon.

Thank you for watching, have a good day. MR7122019. Glory be thy name.
~ .