As we all know, the coronavirus is a very real and dangerous threat to civilization as of 2020. Here is everything YOU need to know to stay safe.
1. Masks.
Standard store bought masks don't protect you from contaminated particles. Do not rely on masks to protect you. Masks only work when everyone else in the area is using them, they are used to prevent the spread of the virus from the infected. Do not touch your face under the mask. Do not reuse masks.
2. Washing you hands.
Scrub your hands with soap for 20 seconds, remember to wash your palms, in-between your fingers, both sides of your hand and your wrists. Wash them often especially before eating.
3. Supplements
If you live in an area where the coronavirus is a really big problem, remember to stock up on vitamins. The three basic ones should be ascorbic acid (vitamin C), Vitamin D and Zinc. Only take the recommended daily dose or there may be severe side effects.
4. How to avoid contracting the virus.
STAY HOME! Staying home is the safest way of staying safe during the outbreak. Open windows if you live in apartments, keep air flowing constantly. If you must go out then avoid crowded places and places with confirmed cases of possible. Dispose of mask after one time use. Do not reuse.
5. Keep fit.
Stay in shape and exercise regularly.
6. Avoid public transport.
TL;DR avoid coming in contact with humans
This all might sound very simple but if you follow these steps you will definitely be safe.