IOTM, January 2020 - Ancient Shards
The all new Ancient Shards, added as the January's IOTM for 2020, allows you to look very shiny which also happens to make for a sweet fashion statement. This mysterious artifact from a forgotten age grants you the ability to punch other players further, and that's not it.. this item's clothing slot will be your ancestral item slot, which makes it even more unique! These shards will orbit their owner, infusing them with the power of civilization from long since past, but now, you can now buy it in the gem store with 200,000 gems before January ends!

Subscriber Item, January 2020 - Flower Pot
Every month, a Growtopian using a 30/365-day Subscriber Token has a chance to design an item for the following month (with some limitations of course, to give way for the Epic Quest completor's sponser.) This month, the developers has chosen DeusV - who has created the delicate little Flower Pot for the kindest of Growtopians! What do you think?

Anniversary week - January Event
Party time! It's finally Anniversary Week! To celebrate Growtopia's seventh anniversary, the developers decided to add in a massive rave of items into the mix! New euphoric-styled clothings has been added in the game and don't forget the special anniversary prize for long-running Growtopians! This year, they introduced the Superstar Shades for having a Level 50 account that has been created over six years ago, the future is very bright, so you're going to need these shades! Previous anniversary prizes has also been buffed to make players obtain them easier, now instead of needing to be level 100, you just need to be 50 to get the floating speakers. Are you ready to party? Celebrate this momentus occasion with all your friends during the Anniversary Week update now live on Growtopia! Have a fun time partying, Growtopians!

Store Wars, January 2020 Monthly
Are you ready to find the finest deals possible? During the 2nd of January, the 'Store Wars' update has arrived to Growtopia! 2 New items has been added to the game, the Digivend which you can check the live values of your trades to win pricing baffles. And the Vending Hub that lets customers combine the contents from nearby Digivends for a super-smooth shopping experience! Log on now to enjoy the Store Wars update and may the best prices be with you!