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Thread: An update of me regarding the things ive promised to do

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    Default An update of me regarding the things ive promised to do

    Now if you dont know me or you clearly have no idea what were the things any of you requested or contributed, just please disregard this thread. Only useful to some people.

    Okay so

    I dont want to be long on this so ill keep this short. Last year i looked like a neglectful type of person, where i promised to do something, ended up not doing it so. Though i may still have or remember it, hopefully its not a big of a deal anymore.

    Ive made numerous threads about: where id make a world out of blocks that you gave to me; expanding the painted blocks guide; ill create a pixel art as you suggested. But now its february and yet i have not posted a progress or anything whatsoever.

    Do keep in mind that i have not been able to keep in touch with the game as my mobile version is nearly unplayable, though i can on our laptop still. But thats not my only reason.

    You see, ever since our 4th quarter started, teachers began to bombard us with difficult tasks right off the bat: Two subjects mainly starting a final program defence; EAPP (English for Academic and Professional Purposes) is also making us do a research paper but mainly on the way of how we should present it formally; Practical research 1 is also making us do a research paper, but mainly reflecting on the two subjects, therefore being 3; English, in short is also going to make us do a research paper based but we are just starting; Filipino, is a tagalog version of the research paper as well and therefore we cannot fail any of these since it is the majority of our final grades and as they stated that the 4th quarter has the highest amount of overall points among 3 other quarters so i apologize if i seem neglectful. Other subjects may also jump in since of course, there would be also a clearance in the next month and there is no doubt theyd make us do something to do before we can finally take a break.

    I honestly could be focusing on things by making schedules but i also want to priority something else, not this anyway. Ill still drop off from time to time and dont expect to me to play gt, just dont.

    Thank you! ^-^

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    this is the reason why I hated the education system in PH, good thing I'm with my parents now abroad and I can finally let my self rest for once. I took a year off school to study online/at home, been great actually and it's fast paced, meaning I can go from 9th grade to 11th grade in less than 1 year.

    *Uni might be bad for me lmao*
    Anyways, check out my YT Channel, I make the crappiest content out there



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