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Thread: Simple Vending Hub and vending machine ui/ux improvements

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    Default Simple Vending Hub and vending machine ui/ux improvements

    Vending hub:
    • Hide empty vending machines, when you're not the owner of the vending machine
    • Rename the "Filter"-button to "Search"
    • On pc bind search button to enter-key
    • Automatically select an item, when it's the only search result
    • The upper part takes up too much sapce (2/3 of the initial view). Focus on the important part ( digivend list):
      + Reduce the title font size, so that it only takes up a single row on the lowest pc window size of 1024 x 768
      + Reduce the padding between description and title
      + Place the search button to the right of the search bar, leave a small padding between search bar and search button
      + Add a small padding between the search bar and the list below it
    • The list should be restructured
      + The Quantity is the least relevant information, put it last, not first
      + Why write out "World Lock(s)"?, just replace it with the world lock emoji

    Vending machine:
    • Increase the size of the inputbox
    • When the vend is on mode "Items per World Lock" replace the inputbox value with the amount of 1wls worth
    • Make the prefilled value of the inputbox a placeholder, don't just write it as a value

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    Isn't it odd that we forgot that Growmojis exists. I do sort of a love/hate relationship with these mojis. Litterally barely any person that I talked to use these mojis. At least 1 or 2 use it. And forget to mention that monthly bundles use to include an exclusive Growmoji but then it doesn't anymore. Pretty odd to say when you mention to replace the word 'World Lock(s)' with the lock-moji.

    Also +1 to the idea. A new ui could be awesome
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    Search to Enter is already a thing if you enabled "Default ENTER to yes in menus (Dangerous!)"



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