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    Well since buy+ owners used their world to the fullest advantage they can do.
    And its kinda too late to make a revolution for trading. Why not make a website that has items a-z
    specifically for growtopia items. That shows what people are buying and selling. So it makes it easier for people to sell their items
    and to buy their needs. Without the hassle of going through 10 buy+ worlds trying to find a public bulletin.
    This will greatly improve growtopia i wish i had the programming skills to execute this sadly i dont. If someone has the skill to make this you can make good ad revenue for the website. each person who enters needs to watch a 5-30 second ad. Its worth it in the end rather than going through buy+ worlds with no board. Rather.. growtopia should just tweak the buy and selling option in forums
    to not need to go to another website idk.. please notice this as it will improve growtopia

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    Someone pls make interesting thread
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    i checked it out ty! D

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    *laughs in famous*
    Casinos bad.

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