Hello there,
I am currently looking for members to my CZSK Guild, the guild was supposed to be only for Czech and Slovakian players, but I weren't able to find enough. Guilds Maskot is Crystal Block (without any wallpaper or something added to it) and level 6 (18/30 currently), last Fishing Event we've got Rank 17 with just 14 members, so we are aiming around top 20 this (Breaking) Event which will take place on 14th Feb. to 17th Feb.
Requirements -
#20 Personal
and being on my CZSK Discord (discord.gg/UMymB8W)
There is no deposit needed but you need to do 1/3 of the points every day, max is 2,7m on the breaking event, so you should do 900k daily, but if you have time just like on second day, you can deposit 40 WLs and you can do it anytime you want, once you hit #20, I'll give you the World Locks back.
This event is the easiest one, it takes like 3 hours using Pristines and like 6 using Delicates, feel free to join my Discord and message me if you are interested :]
Have a good day,