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Thread: What scares you the most?

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    -cockroaches (never see it flies, and don't wanna see it)
    -the fact the in buddhism, after we reach the nirvana, we won't be born or be dead anymore (basically, fearing that i don't actually exist. at one point, we will ended up not being exist. my words may be confusing plz understand) especially when i about to sleep, i'll try not to think about those things. It scares me a lot.
    -when my grades are bad
    -insects, literally all kind of insects
    -fear of thinking about my fear (lol)
    -group work (i usually tried to help, but ended up didn't help any)
    -losing wls because of investing (but i usually spend wls pointlessly lol)
    -walking to toilet at 1 am (but i do it every day)
    -talking to someone i'm not used to, strangers.
    -Thai subject
    -losing the food because it is rotten or it falls into the ground
    -covid-19 (even tho the mortality rate is kinda low)
    -someone who expose me by sharing my dark secret.
    -knife or blade or anything sharp
    -something that makes my phone or laptop broken
    -slow internet (imagine playing blarney9 and disconnect at the end. well it actually ok but its annoying)
    -knowing that one day i must stop play my favorite games
    -knowing that my favorite bands or artist must stop from doing their songs

    that's probably all, i mean there should be more because i have tons of fear lol.
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    I'm actually scared of losing something. A person or an Item.

    also cockroaches and other insects
    report card,
    teachers coming to class bringing papers,
    for real now, no wifi or signal
    deadlines (yeee)
    low battery during assignments or in public *no chargers

    well, that's all I can think for now.
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