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Thread: Is there any active Growtopia support email

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    Default Is there any active Growtopia support email

    So I was hacked and tried to change my password and it said « 504 bad getaway » or something like this, then the next day I got banned. I tried contacting support from the link in the « I got Banned! » channel about 2 days ago but there’s still no response. Anyone help?
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    It might take a while to get response during apocalyptic disasters as there was one recently. You should get a response in a few days, sorry for the delay.
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    Just be patient the support is working on these issues I'm sure.
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    Only our support staff is able to assist regarding bans or suspensions through our ticketing system.

    If the ban was legitimate, we'll give you the reason for it. Otherwise, we'll investigate and remove the infraction from the account.

    Response times can vary depending on period and case priority. Rest assured that we'll be with you shortly if we haven't already!

    You can also PM me your ticket # and I'll be able to look into the case to make sure it's being processed normally.

    I'll be closing the thread now since everything has been addressed.
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