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Thread: [Forum Contest] Valentine’s World Building Contest

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    Reserved (10 Chars)

    edit: backing out due to being too busy
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    Love, Schizo.

    This world is about the story of Angel and her lover who suffers fom schizophrenia. A hurtful fiction story that will surely break your heart. The story won't be included in here since it's the highlight of the world and you must read it yourself. But does love really need a timer?

    Note: Lovewillows and it's underlings are invisible in the render but I still worked with it since it fits best.

    Here's the renderworld:
    Name:  loveschizo.png
Views: 172
Size:  261.5 KB

    Hope you enjoy the world.
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    Default RESERVED !!!!!!

    i am ready , world 70% done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gungnirs View Post
    Is it possible to win with a story about broken love?

    Reserving this spot also.
    Yea, not every story is a fairy tale with a happy ending.
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    My Valentine Contest Entry: FORTHELOVE By Heramix

    GrowID: Heramix

    ForTheLove is a valentine themed parkour world that has a love story and facts about valentine sprinkled through the world! It also contains easter eggs, A winner spectate system, a music that fits the valentine theme and much more!

    Note: There is currently a bug where you cant see valentine 2020 blocks in the render of a world so this world looks much better in game :3 much love

    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Ghost Charm
    -Weather Machine : Valentine
    - 100+ Dimension blocks!
    -Adventure Items
    -Alot of facts about valentine
    -A Love Story
    -Alot of New 2020 Valentine Blocks!
    -A Winners Area
    -A Spectating System For Winners to watch other players play
    -Music (“His Theme”)

    Latest Render:
    Name:  forthelove.png
Views: 145
Size:  426.8 KB
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    Default Nominating my world "LOVINGTALE" in this contest

    Here is latest render :
    Name:  lovingtale.png
Views: 150
Size:  659.6 KB
    World : LOVINGTALE
    Grow ID : imProudOfYou
    Story : Once upon a time live a beautiful princess and a handsome Prince, the Prince really love the princess , but there is an evil King that wanted for the princess. The evil King know that the Prince is trying to win the princess heart too, so the King kidnapped the princess and lock her in his castle tower. The prince go to the castle to save the princess. But dangerous and deadly traps await.
    This world contains :
    •some pixel art
    •Adventure items
    •antigravity parkour experience + steam parkour
    •antigravity blaster
    •Love story
    •VIP + Hangout room
    •My new made mechanics (boss battle using mystery door).(rarely used)

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    Default Reserving Place

    Reserved Reserved Reserved

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    Render: Name:  taleofaprincess.png
Views: 183
Size:  510.1 KB

    I'm lost of words, but here's my entry!
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    may my demise be a promise to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Givors View Post

    I don't think there is a problem with using alternate accounts unless your other account breaks the rules mentioned above.
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    Default Valentine’s castles.

    My world: Valentinescastles.
    My GrowID: SolidMouse94.

    Here is the renderworld:
    Name:  valentinescastles.png
Views: 183
Size:  694.0 KB
    New lovewillows, lovewillow’s laces and romantic bushes don’t show in the render.
    I can’t post a picture.

    Story: There is a Valentine party today. You are going to ask your love to come to the party with you. You are thinking about your love and you are happy. But then you start to worry.

    There are in the world:
    -zombie and punch jammers
    -a valentine’s weather machine
    -a hangout/VIP room for winners
    -a love story
    -a parkour
    -a heartcastle
    -many adventure items
    -singing lovebirds
    -many valentine’s event items
    -new lovewillows, lovewillow’s laces and romantic bushes.

    World is built in valentine’s week 2020.
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    Default Just passing by.

    I really love the effort of administrators of growtopia for making a lot of contest to join in but sadly I'm not creative at building worlds, so ya.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneew View Post
    I really love the effort of administrators of growtopia for making a lot of contest to join in but sadly I'm not creative at building worlds, so ya.
    Don't worry I myself admit that I am not that creative at building too. But here is a tip that I do, I always go to the WotD winner and try the world. In there, you can learn from the owner's styles and techniques.
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