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Thread: [Forum Contest] Valentine’s World Building Contest

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    Default [Forum Contest] Valentine’s World Building Contest

    Hey Growtopians,

    The love season is upon us and this Valentine’s Week builders get a chance to showcase their world building prowess.

    How to participate

    Step 1
    Build a Valentine’s Day Themed World and include a love story.

    Step 2
    Render your Valentine’s Day Themed world.

    Step 3
    Post the latest render of the world in this thread. Include the following details:
    • World Name
    • Your GrowID
    • A quick description of your world


    Here are a few tips on how we are going to judge the worlds and chose the winners!
    • Only worlds with the Valentine’s Day theme will be considered – participants are given creative freedom.
    • Worlds with copied Pixel Art are disqualified. There is no dimension limit to the pixel art. 3 pixel arts max.
    • Vend, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
    • Worlds with Owners who got banned for more than 7 days since February 2019 are ineligible to win*.
    • Plus Points are given to worlds with a Love Story.
    • Plus Points are given to worlds with a VIP/hang-out room.
    • Plus Points are given to worlds that talk about Valentine’s Day and provide interesting information to other players.
    • Plus Points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas and/or mechanics that are rarely used.
    • Plus Points are given to worlds with music.
    • Plus Points to newly made worlds.
    • Negative Points given to worlds with no Jammers
    • Negative Points given to worlds doors/portals linking to Vend and shop worlds or any other type of worlds that are not related to the event.
    • You can only submit one entry.

    *Players that have been banned due to a bug or a glitch will be considered as well as players that got their ban appealed and removed by the Customer Support Team.

    • Places 1-3: Golden Heartsword
    • Places 4-6: Golden Pegasus
    • Places 7-9: Golden Love Bug

    Contest Deadline: February 25, 2020, 09:30 AM GT Time
    Announcement of Winners: March 1, 2020

    If you don't want to or cannot participate, don't worry, we'll have more contests in the future for you to participate in!

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    Story: One day , there was someone from the kingdom who played in the forest. Suddenly, he noticed that there's no way to go out from there as he lost. In order to continue his special day (valentine's day) , he must rescue Bella from this place by going throughout those dark place and save her . HELP TO FIND BELLA!

    Render : Name:  thelandoflove.png
Views: 742
Size:  848.2 KB

    World features :

    P/Z jammer
    Valentine weather
    A huge castle on top
    Valentine items
    Vip spot
    Storyline (Save Bella!)

    Thanks to Dappols and Itsxel for ur help (Amazing builder)
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    Default THECUPIDANDPSYCHE is in!

    Got no time to build anotha world so,

    I present my world THECUPIDANDPSYCHE!
    Name:  xodX1Lr.png
Views: 644
Size:  338.5 KB

    World Description:

    The world's storyline is directly based from the best lovestory ever written, The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. I tried my best to narrate the story in the way people can also learn something about this tale. It is about the challenges of Psyche in order to get Venus' acceptance and Cupid's love back. The world is divided into 4 partitions in which it narrates the 4 challenges taken by Psyche. I am really hoping the everyone will get something about the lovestory of Cupid and Psyche.

    For the world's features;

    The world contains,

    - The lovestory of Cupid and Psyche, as the storyline
    - Basic Jammers, + Pineapple Guardian
    - Basic Infos about the tale itself!
    - Adventure Items
    - Guides all over the world
    - A special area for world Completers

    That's all, and goodluck to everyone participating!
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    GrowID: ISKADI
    Story: The King of Kingdom of Love has sent news to all his people.
    "Best wishes to all my people. Our daughter Princess Valen is in danger. I guess some of you have heard it. We, King and Queen of Kingdom of Love need your help to rescue our daughter. She was kidnapped by a bad guy. But, we don't know who he is and who he from. Before Princess Valen was kidnapped, she went to the town for a walk. We will present it to the person who save her. Thank you!"
    P and Z Jammers
    Fire house
    Valentine Weather
    Valentine blocks and wallpapers
    I use love birds to make music
    Adventure items
    Parkour and story
    Name:  valenrescue.png
Views: 669
Size:  489.7 KB
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    Submitting BELOVEDVALENTINA for Valentine's World Building Contest

    Name:  belovedvalentina.png
Views: 677
Size:  698.2 KB
    "This could possibly be my submission for this one since I will be out for a week to do a school trip - retreat, if time allows me to build the sequel I will totally grab the chance"

    A couple namely Valentino and Valentina faced some cool-off for a reason that Valentina feels like she does not deserve the love of Valentino, in which he contradicts.
    Valentino tries to catch up with Valentina ending up to be transported to a different realm "The Heavenly Heart Kingdom" secretly ruled by a ruler of the most purest hearts of all angels - visit BELOVEDVALENTINA for the complete love story

    World contains:
    -A long interesting eye-catching original love story by kaito, backup by krankie
    -A sequel ending trailer scenario on the end part
    -Creditory Board located on the end part
    -Full set of protective jammers (Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Ghost Charm, Firehouse and Mini Mod)
    -Transcribed song "Star Tears" (sad flute ver./mix by kaito)
    -Easy parkour gameplay: targetting the audience to focus on the story
    -Originally created pixel arts by kaito: heart notes, heart lip ring, and heart eye)
    -VIP area with Valentina and Valentino's last scenario for sequel, Feedback and Winners Board

    Happy Valentine's Week everybody, hoping you already have a date/partner this February 14, 2020 - it could be your sister, mother, a friend or your special someone. Value the time and love given to you, peace out and goodluck fellow builders!
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    dark dead forest

    Post No title



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    My nomination is a world that is consisted of two worlds, seamlessly merged into one to create one giant, immersing story to fully engage the player as well as look pretty


    This is an image of the 2 renders side by side (THELOVESTORY1 + THELOVESTORY2, respectively)

    Name:  Noobbellaworld.png
Views: 620
Size:  215.6 KB

    This link takes you to THELOVESTORY1 (The first world of the two)

    This link takes you to THELOVESTORY2 (The second world of the two)


    The first world starts off the story of Princess Tris.
    A princess looking for the love of her life, Shrek, who lives in his castle.
    Tris must venture into the unknown and get to Shrek’s castle by passing
    mountains and oceans to find her love, throughout this she learns
    the true meaning of valentines!

    Other notable aspects:

    - Both worlds contain jammers.

    - The first world has an epic song which fits the theme snugly. [Lonely, by Lauv and Anne Marie] which was custom transcribed.

    - A choice:
    the player chooses a choice, a choice of 3 levels (which all lead to the end the same way, and follows the same story-line)
    or Easy

    This is to accommodate for specific skill sets for the player who is in the world, gives them a more engaging and personal experience
    The hard level goes through the top of the mountain, and is targeted to an experienced player.
    The medium level goes through the middle of the mountain and is targeted to the average player.
    and the easy level goes through the underground water caverns and is targeted to a newbie, and is higly reccomended to them.
    [The easy level can be completed without wings!]

    - The world contains cool mechanics like cybots and a trickster

    - My world also has a cool and fun layout, it is unique!

    And that is my nomination for the WOTD contest! Thank you reading.
    GrowID: BellaSock NOTE: I have changed my GrowID from Kitty to BellaSock!

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    MYNIGHTSHADE by JacksHeart

    Name:  mynightshade.png
Views: 650
Size:  464.8 KB

    Once upon a time you and your wife lived happily together on the the rolling hillsides of Avalia. A kingdom ruled by a corrupt King and Queen who were notorious for kidnapping people and exiling them to endless labor... until they die of over-exhaustion.

    One day on you were on way home after going to the market to get eggs (For your wife's birthday cake). But when you returned she was gone... the house was trashed. Deep down you knew what happened to your beloved wife. You quickly hop on your horse, Buster, and ride into the kingdom in search of your wife as well as a witch who lives deep in the forests of Avalia. The witch shall guide you.

    Gather the poisonous ingredients listed by the witch and sneak into the castle and poison the Queen!

    You seek only revenge!

    - Punch and Zombie Jammers
    - Credit Board (Above Main Door)
    - Love Story
    - Tons of adventure items
    - Tricky puzzles and mazes

    P.S. - The pixel art is all done by me

    ~ JacksHeart
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    Default Hai

    Saving spot here!

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    World name : ADORABLY
    Name:  adorably.png
Views: 648
Size:  580.0 KB

    Story: Story is about you finding your True love going trought diffrent stages.Never give up on your self and work Hard for your Dreams. you also have helpful things on the Valen signs (where the story is) it can be difficult finding someone irl or even in GT. you need to find a secret Word to finish it! the story is further explianed on the bulletin board.
    i also left a motivation message at the end for the People Who struggle in life :P

    The world also has
    -Valentine items
    -VIP Area
    -Pixel Art
    -A mystery word
    -Credits boars/story board
    -adventure items

    Happy valentine's week everyone and best of Luck to all of you
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    GrowID: SixFace

    Story: You woke up in the afternoon of February 13th with a horrible migraine and no memories of what happened the night before. Upon stepping out of the door, you see floating hearts everywhere, which you yourself know that Valentine's is tomorrow! However, you suddenly remembered what happened: You got drunk before going out on a date with your love, and well, everything went up in flames.

    Filled with guilt and remorse, you are about to give up when a mysterious door called to you. What awaits you? A happy ending if she forgives you? Or nothing but anguish and despair living in solitude forever? Find out in CHOCOGARDENS when you embark on a punishment-receiving, chocolate-making and hopefully a sin-forgiving adventure when you traverse the Hanging Gardens of Chocolate themselves with no one but you.

    Attachment 231752

    • The world is new, made upon announcement of this competition.
    • Story is totally original.
    • World name is based on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in ancient Mesopotamia, with totally no similarities in design.
    • Chocolate-making info used is from the Internet.

    • Punch Jammer: Valentine's Day is an event for couples to hug, not punch each other!
    • Zombie Jammer: Zombies don't eat chocolates, yes. However, we don't want risks of humans unable to enjoy chocolates when turned into zombies.
    • Firehouse: Indeed, gardens are prone to fire. And chocolate, too. It would definitely be a disaster if there are fires raining melted chocolates, right?
    • Parkour: Bread and butter of any world. Though it is an easy-to-medium one, so newbies can enjoy Valentine's alike.
    • Adventure Items: What's an adventure world without adventure items? It also comes with hilarious choices to pick, too!!
    • [RARE] Chocolate Making Guide: You heard me: "How to Chocolate from Cacao Beans 101" by SixFace, free of charge!
    • Pixel Arts: A flappy heart, a lovely truck and a giant chocolate heart that you made and decorated yourself. Get those binoculars ready for sightseeing!
    • Pitch Black Heart: Can't see anything? Find your way out! Flashlights are for cheaters, you know...
    • Winner's Area: Winners work hard, so they have an extra privileged location, of course.
    • Passcodes: Only available to those with keen eyes. Get them to "win" easily next time!

    Belated valentine's week for everyone, and good luck to everyone out there!
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    ~~~~ SixFace

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    GrowID- Smirky

    Welcome to my valentine themed riddle and adventure world, try out some unique features and scenery with not only parkour but also storytelling told through bulletin boards to give more detail, the people you encounter and riddles you must solve.


    Above is the render of the world (glitched invisible blocks from the newer updates) + a screenshot with all the blocks showing such as the valentine willow, and magic infused rocks.

    World Includes:
    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Ghost Charm
    -Heatwave Weather set to match valentine theme
    -Riddles to solve
    -Parkour/Adventure to play in
    -Unique story
    -Connection to real tunnel of love in ukraine with interesting facts
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