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Thread: [Instagram Contest] Whom Do You Love?

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    Default [Instagram Contest] Whom Do You Love?

    Hey Growtopians!

    Love is in the air! And we are eager to know whom you’re spending Valentine’s Week with in Growtopia!

    How to participate:

    Step 1
    Tell us whom do you love in Growtopia! Is it your friend? Is it your hubby? Your lover? Your child? Post an image of the two of you or the Growtopians you love, whether it is your photo in-game or an artwork you created!

    Step 2
    Share your “love” story that happened in Growtopia. Did you meet your current partner in Growtopia? Are you and your hubby playing the game together? Did you show a lonely Growtopian some love? Did you share your love with your Growtopian friends? If so, how did it happen? The story is not limited to romantic stories, it can also be a touching dedication message.

    Step 3
    Publish the image on Instagram, tag @Growtopia Instagram account and use hashtags #GrowValentines #Valentines. Only images with the event’s official hashtags will be considered as an official entry to the contest.


    Here are a few tips on how we are going to judge and chose the winners!
    • Only entries following the mechanics will be considered.
    • Players who got banned for more than 7 days since February 2019 are ineligible to win*.
    • Plus Points are given to characters with an interesting backstory.
    • Plus Points are given to characters with a unique look and character concept.
    • Plus Points are given to characters with Valentine’s Week themed items.
    • Plus Points are given to original character
    • Negative Points given to characters that are non-concrete.
    • Negative Points given to characters that are completely copied.
    You can only submit one entry.

    *Players that have been banned due to a bug or a glitch will be considered as well as players that got their ban appealed and removed by the Customer Support Team.


    • Place 1: Ruby Lock
    • Place 2: Crystal Cape
    • Place 3: Loving Halo

    Contest Deadline: February 19, 2020, 09:30 AM GT Time
    Announcement of Winners: February 27, 2020

    If you don't want to or cannot participate, don't be afraid, we'll have more contests in the future for you to participate in!

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    IS Hamumu a pedophile??
    "scammers are people and they can do whatever they want" (just a joke dont hate on me)

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    Default I'm joining!

    I had missed the "Do you remember?" contest for the celebration of Anniversary of Growtopia. Even though I wasn't able to join that contest, I shared my story a few days ago on my Instagram (@voony_gt).

    But this time, I will be able to join this contest, gonna post it soon on my IG.

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    I don't have Instagram myself, but here's my love's entry!
    My heart belongs to Mistie 💘
    I love her so so much eee

    Discord: Dynnie#3475

    Avatar and sigpic by the most wonderful Mistie, thank you so much! ❤️

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    Default Contest Winners

    Hello Growtopians,

    Thank you all for your creative submissions! Here are all the winners:

    Place 1 has won Ruby Lock

    Place 2 has won Crystal Cape

    Place 3 has won Loving Halo

    Congratulations to all the winners. We’ll add the prizes to your accounts in the next few days!

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    Nooo im lose :v

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    yayayayy I'm so happy for em'
    ❄️ NekoWolf ❄️
    My heart belongs to Dynnie <3
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