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    How to sell gems?
    Do i need to sell the world with gems can i sell them without trading world key?
    How many gem per wl?

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    How to sell gems?
    Easy, put Unstable Tesseract and GAIA or TOE i forgot sorry.
    Then, put ur farmable seed in UT and block in GAIA or TOE ( i forgot this too ). Next, break ur farmable then stack the gems, as much as you can.

    Do i need to sell the world with gems?
    If u can, why not? I think that good way to do profit too.

    Can i sell them without trading world key?
    Yes u can! But, many people will not trust u ( i mean u can scam the gems if u didnt sell the world or trading world key )
    I recommend u sell it with key. Put Growscan ( make it be able to see public ), let ur buyer check how many gems in it, if deal, break or take the Growscan. Take world key, then Trade!

    How many gems per wl?
    Idk about this, but last see it is around 700-1k per wls ( idk the price now, u can ask it to people who sell gems too in BUYGEMS )

    Thats it, sorry if i write something wrong :3
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