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Thread: My rant on growtopia forums

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    Default My rant on growtopia forums

    So I just got my 2nd infraction in 2weeks given to me by the same mod. ( Not gonna give names )

    Honestly this feel unfair and even obsurb. The post I was infrac for is mainly directed to elyrion / deftera ( people who are familiar with me ). The post consist of sarcastic gay jokes/memes. But don't get me wrong, I respect people from LGBT communities.

    The level of order placed on the forums is too high, I'm getting infracs left and right. Compared to the game, which toxic communities go against one another. It's just doesn't make much sense.

    I hope I could treat the forums as what it used to be, where we can talk and joke about stuff with our friends and strangers online. But lately forums feel like dictatorship, I am getting punished for simple things that mods didn't like.

    Either that or they prob drop the forum min age to 5 yr old or growtopia adpocalypse or sth.

    Sorry for I am has bad england.
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    I got banned for a week for making an (obviously) untrue comment about hurting a cat. The increase in moderation is good, but it’s targeted to innocent memes and jokes. I wish they’d ease off a bit too.
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    I got an infraction for saying poopposting but the crappier type of poop

    And a perm ban last year for saying something sarcastic (obviously, but no one could tell, apparently.). The perm ban was on accident, when it was meant to be a day or week long. Took me a month to get in contact with an admin to help me get it adjusted, which was obviously super unfair for me because I broke no rules at all and that comment I made previously wasn't even harmful to anyone.

    Just sharing my experiences with the punishments I got ~
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    Wait, people are actually afraid of infractions?! I thought of it as mod attention awards?! Only got 2 so far tho… Damn this is surprising news to me.
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    I have 1 infraction from a long time ago for reminding a person about why he wasn't a moderator anymore. I most definitely earned that infraction but at the end of the day it was worth it.

    The second infraction happened shortly after for hosting a giveaway in the wrong sub forum I feel that infraction was only given because that same mod didn't like me for dissing on his ex team mate and that was just another consequence of ruffling some feathers.

    I was recently banned from the forums for promotion of other games. I was giving a person suggestions for other games he could play with his friend since he said his friend was banned. I didn't realize that was against the rules but that's my fault for not reading them in awhile.

    I also understand the way I carry myself means I won't get much leeway or any warnings. When you act like a know it all you get no benefit of the doubt you might not know something.

    It stings a bit when you get a slap on the wrist but don't let it hurt your pride. Take your lumps and move on. Make every post with consideration that it's not just your friends reading it and maybe not everyone enjoys reading your posts. I know a lot of people don't enjoy reading my responses.

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    Man. I thought I was the badboy here (slaps knee). I have not gotten a infraction or ban.
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    Yeah looks like the forums are being moderated like they were supposed to be from the beginning.

    Keep your "memes" to yourself if you're not sure how other people will perceive it. More often than not, other people will see it as you didn't intend for it.

    And if you have to complain, the right way to do it is posting a support ticket. This thread won't change anything.

    The moderators are trained to handle stuff like this, so you can expect them to be reasonable. You might have done something worse and portray it in a different way. But if you've gotten an infraction or some other punishment that you weren't able to appeal, YOU DESERVED IT (keyphrase: were not able to appeal).

    Call it my mini rant of these type of threads.
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