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Hey Growtopians!

Valentine's Week has begun! It's that precious time when true love blooms, secret admirers reveal their feelings, and blocks - not hearts - are broken! To celebrate, we've added lots of romantic (golden!) new items, plus the chance to get a Super Golden Booty Chest!

Also, we re-designed The Gazette, your first and foremost source for all new Growtopia information, you can open it in-game by typing the command /news!

Let's not forget the rest of the February updates:

  • February Item of the Month: Medusa's Crown! A gift from the great Gorgon herself, this crown not only gives you the power to blast blocks with her serpentine gaze; it also lets you turn your enemies - and hey, maybe even friends - to stone!
  • Spelunkorama Strikes Back: Find all NEW Magic Stones, explore a whole new cave system and mine its Magic Ore deposits with Mining Explosives scattered throughout the caves. Go explore some deeper caves beyond the Cave Blast and gather some ores!

Check out Valentine's Week and the rest of the updates and let us what you think about them here.

Spread love and cheers and enjoy the game!

~ Ayame