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Thread: Builder's Quest Bug? or untouched?

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    Question Builder's Quest Bug? or untouched?

    It's been awhile since I've played, and decided to grind for Builder's role quest. The quest was about making 50 Sheet Music: Sharp Spanish Guitar Note, and to my surprise I couldn't find any regular spanish guitar note except for the flat and sharp only. After researching for a while, I found out that it can only be farmed through a certain event that has Mystery Pinatas. Even if I can buy these pinatas, isn't this kind of a waste of a free quest day and who knows in the future will I ever get this quest again. Will the mods/developers patch this quest? Or is there something I'm missing that I'm able to craft these Notes in?

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    Its fine, that is why the button Cancel Quest exist. You just got unlucky...

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