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Thread: [Merged] Surgery - Love Mallet

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    Quote Originally Posted by UBIDEV View Post
    Please check feedbacks from ThePsyborg in this thread

    Things were already fixed.
    Glad to hear that, thanks for fixing but you should consider this also
    Quote Originally Posted by Noodle905 View Post
    Dear UBIDEV, have you ever considered testing your updates / getting a team of *Beta-testers* to test your updates for you? Why is growtopia the only MMO that doesn't have people test the updates?

    For the past two years now almost every update has had some flaw discovered within the first hour of the update being pushed out that could have easily been found by a group of testers before it was launched.

    Seriously though, it's rediculous that Growtopia is the only MMO around that doesn't test your updates. P.S. Having three staff members "testing" them clearly isn't enough, so please do not say they are tested properly.
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    It's nice that one of my favourite features in Growtopia (surgery) revised. In my opinion we should have these event specific surgeries during every event. It makes surgeries more interesting, when we have new "workflows" and also receive new rewards from surgeries.

    Something to improve: I think there should be more of those tools in surgery packs. Maybe not 5 like others, but at least 3. Or maybe we could buy event specific tools separately, like 3/1000 gems. Maybe that way surgery pack and tool prices in game would be more stable.

    Also surgeries shouldn't be impossible to make. Like if you get monkey flu and use Love Mallet, patient will die even without skill fails.

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