I am calling NekoRei to please read this suggestion and consider this for will give us creators the energy to produce quality content even more.

Growtopia Filmmaking Contests
Growtopia Filmmaking Contests SHOULD AND MUST HAPPEN, here is why and how will it change the content produced in-game. First and foremost, please do not say that there's video of the week already because that is pretty obvious. If you'd say that, I would also say to you that there's already world of the day to have world building contests.

Why should it happen?
It gives us creators the time and opportunity to bring out our creativity to make up the best story possible and transform it to a film. It also gives us the opportunity and thinking that the top-quality content which is animation will not make us lose energy in making videos that is recorded in-game. I do know that there are many creators out there who has a good story in mind in every particular subject or theme.

How will it encourage most of the content creators
Content creators that aim for a growie award won't have to think like: "Oh, I have to study making animations in order to win". This will boost the amount of filmmakers in-game and give them the energy to make a good story in their mind to a Growtopia film just recorded in-game!

About Themes
Themes doesn't necessarily have to be related to monthly events, it could be something else like "COVID-19 Prevention" and other themes that you can think. Winners will receive a prize and will get featured on the Growtopia Gazette for 1 week.

don't you dare say to me that i'm making this 'cus i can't win