basically, im doing a garage sale, - world name; DUSTYATTIC

somehow i cant send my world picture so here we are

the farmables im accepting is :
- Laser Grid
- Chandelier

seed or block, doesnt matter, just offer the price you think its worth for !

i left the entrance public so anyone can see and explore stuffs that might interests you. (or u can ask me directly here; 'do u have..?')
world guide:
- upper half : themed/event items
-lower half : rarity based block, wallpaper, clothing, and consumeables

when you find something you liked, you can either dm me or reply to this thread with the amount of block or seed you offered..
ex: i want to buy 20 red blocks for 1 chandelier seed

the farmable value i used were:
25-30 seed / wl
90-110 blocks / wl

please do know that there are some items which is not for sale, such as:
-pz jammers
-security camera
and maybe some more.. i forgot

since im here, im also selling these items for wls;
blue crystal: 2 wls
green crystal: 1 wl
white crystal: 42-45 wls
black crystal : ???

i hope anyone is interested ! thanks again. sorry for my bad english