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When someone asks me to go out with them ;D
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A joke makes me smile )))

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What makes me smile? Lets be honest here. When I see a scammer attempting to scam someone with a trade scam, but everyone beside him singles him out as a scammer.
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playing growtopia with friends makes me smile!

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Knowing that i won't winning any of these giveaway makes me smile
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What makes me smile? Family , friends , videogames <3
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IGN: Immaculate

What makes me smile? Good question. I’m a pretty jovial person to begin with, but the thing that makes me smile most is seeing others happy. When those around me are happy, I’m happy as well.

Good luck to all participants!
Congrats to 8 of our winners, the next post will have 2 more (random.org rolled dupicates... Sorry, you don't get a second prize...)

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My facial muscles causes me to smile...
In all seriousness, I smile when I take a hot bath, that stuff is bliss
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Seeing Mera makes me smile
Congrats to our 9th and 10th winners!

Each winner will receive a PM from me in the next day or so, I made the mistake of not asking for all of your world names. (If you see this and I didn't PM you, feel free to reach out). I will roll from random.org again to determine which prize you get.

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Thank you all for participating in my event! It means a lot to me how many people I got to enter and share their fun experiences. I hope you all enjoyed it too

Please let me know if you enjoy this "random" contest format, or if you like traditional "structured" contests like building, art, etc.