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Thread: Door IDs

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    Default Door IDs

    The character limit in setting up door IDs—while being pretty adequate—isn't good enough. It's more of the feeling of uneasiness that someone might guess it because you can't make the ID too long, and I don't think it would be hard or bad to make the limit bigger. Or, possibly somehow linking doors without door IDs, with 100% security and no ability of anyone guessing the ID despite the astronomical odds of anyone guessing it in the first place.

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    Its hard to guess door id tho. Beside no one knew LOCKE id until someone accidentally published that door id.

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    Make a world that has 24 character length so no one can backdoor to your world

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    Now that we can copy paste using the white bar thing, i dont think theres any reason for door IDs to not have like a 30 character limit. Case sensitivity would also be cool
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    A 12-character password would take a computer four entire years to brute force, and that's not even the maximum length of a door ID.

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    Default I agree

    +1 I definitely agree
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    Quote Originally Posted by UkyoKuonji View Post
    Its hard to guess door id tho. Beside no one knew LOCKE id until someone accidentally published that door id.
    Lemme correct you.

    "until HACKERS didn't find a way to get door id's"

    Also +1 for the idea
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    If you use somewhat uncommon and not 2 char IDs they are pretty secure, if we look at the characters allowd in door ID they are 26 lowercase letters + 26 uppercase letters + 10 digits, summing up to 62 characters.

    1 character possibilties: 62^1 = 62 different possible combinations
    2 characters posibilties 62^2 = 3,844 different possible combinations
    3 character possibitiles: 62^3 = 238,328 different possible combinations
    4 character possibilities: 62^4 = 14,776,336 different possible combinations
    10 character possibilities: 62^10 = 839,299,365,868,340,200 different possible combinations
    (This increases exponentially with every new character until you reach the ID length limit.)

    The key is to use less common ones, preferably not actual words.
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