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Thread: When transmuting Dandy's hair, Ancestral level 6 effects disappear.

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    Default When transmuting Dandy's hair, Ancestral level 6 effects disappear.

    Kinda sad that you have to use that hair for the effect to appear, especially considering that an ancestral level 6 is very expensive to obtain. You'd expect that the effect would at least transfer to other items.

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    Yes this is extremely annoying. Another issue is that pretty much NO female hairs are transmutable, like messy braid or hibiscus or anything! Its really annoying. I love the messy braid and i want it to be transmutable!
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    I never know lvl 6 ances has effect. Can i take a look?

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    Ye I have seen the effect it's cool. But are you sure it wont have effect when you transmute the hair ? have you tried to transmute it with other hairs ?
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