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Thread: Compensate Where's the ""ant my GBC point back

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    Default Compensate Where's the ""ant my GBC point back

    Well that at least the first good part how about people spend all there worlds locks at the start and it turn into a dust again...

    The Title should be: Where's the "I want my GBC point back"
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    See it's the ultimate strat. You don't have to fix the problem if you ignore it .

    (btw this is a joke and idk if it's already fixed so there's no need to cry about it mk?

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    Hello Growtopians

    The GBC points reset issue has been addressed by NekoRei in a recent post on the forums.

    You can find that right here.

    Please refrain from opening multiple threads of the sort and continue posting in there.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    * 2/20/2020 UPDATE -
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