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So in this morning my friend got hacked
His account ign is ______ strangely he only lost rayman which is my rayman
He not lost anything more and i asked to him where is my rayman and he replied to me i dont know
Can you check the trading history of the rayman? I lost my rayman when he open his account at 5 am GMT+7 and his whatsapp last login was 3am
Please i need your help thank you
Sometimes your friends may backstab you after becoming friends with you, but it doesn't mean you need to unfriend that person so no further damage will be dealt, you know growtopia has toxic community and you shouldn't trust anyone unless you have feeling that person is good, of course you need friends to play growtopia (because without true friends, you won't have fun), some people can take advantage of your goodness and use lies so you think this person is good

Enough, but one thing that support can't do is return items, of course you wanted justice for your friend