As a returning player after 4 years. CiscoIPSec was my second account after my first one was hacked. After amassing a hefty sum of 5dls on my level 50 CiscoIPSec account i was pretty proud. This was the most i had ever gotten. Now i just had got scammed 265wls. Yes i know it isnt much, but to me after taking a 4 year break to be scammed half of my earnings is pretty stupid. I really enjoyed playing growtopia and i might stick around on forums to look around. I still have a list of all the scammers. these guys are SSodah, Subudiman and Emircgt. Names might be wrong. Thank you to those who had willingly gave me advice and how to play growtopia, this was a massive learning curve as there are countless ways of being scammed. This might be my second post but i had been playing in 2013 in primary school with my friends. And be sure to check out my main world, it is my pride and joy : CISCOIPSEC. Oh well, good bye and be sure to check world key is in trade before buying a world!