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Thread: What should I do with 1 Dl. Mass or do something productive with it

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    Default What should I do with 1 Dl. Mass or do something productive with it

    I barely remember what to do with it.

    I need some help.... And no troll comments. Serious,,,, :v(
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    Looks like massing is the most profitable way nowadays. You can do a mass project for Display Block/Box, Fossil Brush etc.

    But the key point here is that you know how to do it. For example, you can watch Dirt to Rayman/Magplant series in youtube instead of looking guides in massing guide worlds. Because I've already tried it and I got just 10-20 WLs from massing with 1 DL. But youtubers are not only massing. They are farming too before the mass.

    Shortly, you can mass any popular item along with the help of Youtube. Good luck!
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