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Thread: DOIREMEMBERHER... Need Feedbacks. And people to test

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    Default DOIREMEMBERHER... Need Feedbacks. And people to test

    Your old childhood friend is back. But you suddenly forgotten her name since 9 years have past now the only details you remember that she like those black and yellow butterflies. Now you need to go through caves to know what is her name.....

    Has the basic stuffs like jammers a love story and parkour. And pixel arts why not?

    1. I know it like a little trash wotd but give me a break lol
    2. I do the polishing later but. I need to rest as I been doing this alone lol
    3. I need feedbacks lel
    4. The last adventure doors at the bottom right corner are not set yet... For now since I'm thinking how would this end.
    5. It would be nice if I get donated with Valentine's clothes and blocks that you think or not using it as trash I can have it instead. Since I need some trash to make my world great lol
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    Default Hmm

    You should fill up the empty spaces
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    The valentine blocks do not fit with the rest of the blocks, the world feels empty and what the hell is that yellow/black thing on the top right corner?
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