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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Post Nominating SaveTheForests and RevengeOfTheCows

    SaveTheForests for WoTd

    GrowID: LamboUrus
    WorldName: SaveTheForests

    Name:  savetheforests.png
Views: 186
Size:  1.42 MB

    It took me A WHILE to make, remake and design the world. But the result was for my opinion totally worth it.
    this world is based on all the bad things happening around the world.
    Pandas are become extinct, Bees are all about to extinct as well.
    The Forests in Australia were burning, many people lost their homes and many Koala's died.

    This world is over all a fun parkour.
    it has A LOT of information about endangered animals what you maybe don't even know.

    - I added 2 more Cybots in the parkour,
    - I decorated a lot of blocks with paint,
    - I replaced some old blocks with a few newer once,
    - I changed a bit of the mechanics in the parkour.
    Update 2:
    - I replaced the old tree trunks with some new ones,
    - I added an optional story,
    - and I continued painting blocks.

    You were running from a couple bullies after you declined giving them money. While you were running, you came across this red creepy cave with strangly lots of lifeforms in it. You went in the creepy-looking cave and saw a board with some information about animals…..
    (no further spoilers)

    ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴs:
    - PZ jammers,
    - a firehouse,
    - weather machine – Jungle,
    - 6 Cybots and a Trickster,
    - a lot of adventure items,
    - a Quest,
    - Lots of information about animals,
    - a VIP room for winners,
    - 4 Spectate rooms,
    - 3 pixel arts,
    - And a secret side mission!
    - an optional story!

    RevengeOfTheCows for WoTd

    GrowID: LamboUrus
    WorldName: RevengeOfTheCows

    Name:  revengeofthecows.png
Views: 178
Size:  806.7 KB

    It was a lot of fun making this world, especially the story. The story and the name are both based on the Star Wars Movie Revenge of the Sith.

    I made changes to the adventure items in the bottom part of the cave.
    The upper part of the server was a little bit boring, so I added a flying steam ship!

    Story: The evil cow council is about to destroy everything that’s left of this beautiful land! The peaceful cows wanted to prevent their first attack but they failed, and lost a major part of their only home.
    The evil cows made a super cannon that can wipe out the whole land! They are keeping the cannon on a steam ship.
    It’s your duty to burn down their steam engines and blow up that ship!

    This world contains:
    - PZ jammers,
    - Weather machine ARID,
    - 2 Cy Bots,
    - Adventure items,
    - An Entertaining Story (That you MUST read!)
    - Lots of cow cubes,
    - A VIP spot floating through the clouds.

    It was a real journey making this world all by my self but it was as usual totally worth it!


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    Default CorruptedHappiness For WOTD!

    GrowID: Heramix

    Corruptedhappiness is a parkour world that has adventure items, a cool design, mystery doors and much more.

    -Zombie Jammer
    -Punch Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine : Arid
    -Adventure Items
    -A Prize Room
    -Mystery Doors

    The Latest Render:
    Name:  corruptedhappiness.png
Views: 175
Size:  407.1 KB

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    Default Nominating FINDINGPOTOFGOLD for WOTD

    GrowID: CV4R

    FINDINGPOTOFGOLD is a parkour/story world with adventure items, pixel art of pot of gold and more with a Story of a boy that goes on adventure to find the huge "Pot of Gold".

    Latest Render:
    Name:  received_806147746566035.png
Views: 178
Size:  887.7 KB

    This world contains:
    -Punch Jammer
    -Zombie Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Adventure Items
    -An Adventure Story

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    You fall down a rabbit hole, and your objective is to get out as fast as you can! Take time and race your friends for the fastest time, while hopping over, below and through obstacles.

    World includes:

    -Two original bunny pixel arts
    -Lots, and LOTS of green paint. (seriously, a lot of paint buckets.)
    -A loop (just like from the Hot Wheels tracks you had as a kid!)
    -And most importantly, good times!

    Hop on down to RABBITHOLERUN and have a bunny-licious racing experience!

    Here's the render:
    Name:  rabbitholerun.png
Views: 159
Size:  197.2 KB

    Contact Me:

    Thanks to Intensifies for the avatar!

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    Default Nominating my world for WOTD

    World name: FearMedusa
    GrowID: Amoht

    Description: In this world, I didn't want to do like all the other worlds where there is mainly parkour. This is why I made a maze with portals. Certainly, it is less beautiful than the other worlds but it is still very original and difficult. The goal is to escape this maze by using the portals, be careful, only 1 way will take you to the exit, that's what makes this world so difficult. You will therefore have to use your memory in order to remember which portal you have already used and which one to take to get to the exit. Be careful, there may be few traps which brings you to useless places . I hope that you all like the originality of this world and maybe it will allow me to win my first WOTD!

    Story: Medusa is a creature from Greek mythology that traps people in a very confusing maze. Once inside, she tracks them down with her snake hair and turns them into stone,then exposes them in her room. Explore the maze using the portals without getting caught by Medusa to get out of this hell. No one has ever escaped, will you be the first?

    This world have:
    - Punch and Zombie jammer
    - Weather Machine -Nothingness
    - Maze
    - Portal game
    - Memory usage
    - Vip room
    - Story related to Medusa
    - Song
    Name:  fearmedusaa.png
Views: 145
Size:  98.4 KB

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    Default Nominating my worlds for World of the Day! (BYTUS & ROBOTSMANIA)

    Hey, my name is Fuzeds and I am nominating 2 of my worlds for the World of the Day award. These worlds bring lots of entertainment! I hope you like them!



    -An incredible futuristic world with many details
    -An amazing spaceship
    -Pixel art of "Droid Pet"
    -Credit Board near white door
    -Parkour difficult (medium)
    -Parkour of cybots
    -Adventure items
    -P & Z Jammers
    -Weather machine - Heatwave
    -Very entertaining story

    Story: On a very distant planet, there is a city called "Cybertopia" being attacked by an invasion of malefic robots lead by its leader called "Brextor" and only looking for destruction and chaos.
    These robots are destroying every part of the city whereby people living in Cybertopia must find a way to escape.
    The only way to do this is to get to a ship so that they all escape together but it must be done below the city so that the robots do not know that there are people yet.

    There is a rumor that underground have a factory that builds evil robots and the only way to pass that machinery is that people are not detected by vigilant robots

    Name:  robotsmania.png
Views: 143
Size:  836.9 KB


    I have worked hard in this world! I made the story suitable for everyone.
    (I worked in this world for about 2 months)

    - A very entertaining story
    - An amazing pixel art of a very detailed pharaoh
    - P&Z Jammers
    - Firehouse & Ghost Charm
    - Weather machine - Arid
    - Credits board near white door
    - Parkour
    - Adventure items
    - Winners room

    Summary of story:
    You are in a world where the great pyramid of the pharaoh "bytus" is located. Bytus was well known for being a pharaoh with millionaire riches, once every 100 years he chose a person to fulfill the "great challenge'' which is that you had to pass all his tests and you would have a life full of luxuries, but if did not you complete them you’d stay trapped in their great pyramid.
    In this world you will know the fantastic story of a brave adventurer who invoked in a dream the "Great Pharaoh Bytus" to challenge him with the tests contained in his pyramid and live his life full of wealth.
    In addition, you will find real information about ancient Egypt, you will know how it originated, real events that occurred in it and that are still a trend today.

    Name:  bytus.png
Views: 138
Size:  522.7 KB
    IGN: Fuzeds


    Instagram: @fuzeds
    Discord: Fuzeds#8949

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    Hello growtopians! Let me introduce my st patrick themed world for WOTD.
    GrowID: ISKADI
    You is a young man that believes Lucky Clover is real.
    So, you decided to go to find it. But, you heard that rumor says to find the Lucky Clover, you must go to their place called Magical Place. But, only Lucky Portal can brings you to Magical Place. Go and find the Lucky Portal to start your adventure!
    Enjoy and have a nice day!
    Credit: Written on buletin board beside white door
    Fun fact: The world design, story, parkour and pixels is original built by me. And WINGS ARE NOT NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE PARKOUR.
    PZ Jammer
    Fire house
    St paddy weather
    Adventure items
    Easy/medium parkour (depend on their parkour skills)
    End area / VIP
    Name:  16-36-09-findingclover.png
Views: 131
Size:  642.4 KB
    Main world: ISKADI
    I played GT since: June 2014
    Follow my IG

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    Default WOTD Nomination

    World Name: TheGrowtopiaSchool
    GrowID: Thomas207

    Story: Today is your last day of school, which means that you have to do your final exams to graduate. Complete all of your exams in each of the 5 subjects to return to your home with your diploma in hand.

    This world have:
    ~Punch and Zombie jammer
    ~Ghost charm
    ~Vip area
    Name:  4CF71009-0DD4-4B29-A1B0-16FEE7FD3D48.png
Views: 141
Size:  776.4 KB

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    Default LEARNPALEONTOLOGY for World of the Day!

    Hello everyone, I am ProdigyDawn and I am presenting my world LEARNPALEONTOLOGY for World of the Day!
    Name:  learnpaleontology.png
Views: 140
Size:  337.6 KB

    Note: The Lovewillow Laces seemed to not appear in the render.

    The world features,

    - An informative world about fossils and paleontology
    - Adventure Items
    - Song, Spectre - Alan Walker
    - Parkours at different levels
    - Basic Jammers
    - Creditory Board
    - A special Area for world completers

    World Description

    The world LEARNPALEONTOLOGY is a world specialized to provide the players some initial information about fossils in game. The world contains an easy to average level of parkour so players can take their time reading the signs. I used a tour-style storyline to make the world even engaging.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn

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    Nominating "CUPIDLAND"
    for WOTD
    GrowID : DAPPOL

    World Has
    -Zombie jammer & Punch jammer
    -Adventure Item
    -Password Game
    Name:  cupidland.png
Views: 157
Size:  664.6 KB

    Story :
    tell someone who wants to go to a Valentine party with people in love, but after waiting for a long time his lover did not come, then he went to pick up to his house, but no one was there, there was only a portal, then he entered into the portal to Looking for his girlfriend But he can not come back again, Can he find his lover and return home?

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    Love, Schizo.

    This world is about the story of Angel and her lover who suffers from schizophrenia. A hurtful fiction story that will surely break your heart. The story won't be included in here since it's the highlight of the world and you must read it yourself. But does love really need a timer? Does it deserve chance even when it's too broken?

    Note: Lovewillows and it's laces are invisible in the render but I still worked with it since it fits best.

    Here's the renderworld:
    Name:  loveschizo.png
Views: 145
Size:  263.1 KB

    Hope you enjoy the world.
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    Default OuterZone by DyzerKeyzer


    Quick desc :
    There are 2 worlds, but connected to make different background. Easy-Mid parkour difficulty. Space themed world.

    Story :
    Check in the world

    GrowId : DyzerKeyzer

    Feature :
    -2in1 world
    - Full jammed(PZ and Gcharm) in both world
    -Starship themed world
    -Pass and Adventure mechanic
    - and more!

    Check the world !

    World render :

    Main world : OuterZone
    Name:  outerzone.png
Views: 230
Size:  234.1 KB

    Secondary world : OuterZoneMars
    Name:  outerzonemars.png
Views: 222
Size:  398.1 KB

    IGN: DyzerKeyzer

    Goals :

    1.100% Awesomeness : [100/100] [ √ ]
    2.Have Focused Eye : [100/100] [ √ ]
    3.Have 200 DLs : [32/200] [ X ]
    4.Won 10 WOTD this year : [ 3/10 ] [ X ]

    Join Growtopia Builder Discord Here!



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