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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    GNAW by bllade

    You are a bacteria living on a hand-shaped spaceship, but the ship has encountered some unforeseen trouble. Something has broken and you have landed on this planet to salvage old abandoned starships for spare parts. You must then travel through space debris back to your ship to fix the broken something.

    Name:  gnaw.png
Views: 135
Size:  453.3 KB

    World includes
    +Starships blasts used as levels
    +Gravity wells
    +Deathtrap walls
    +Unique level design
    +Antigravity generator
    +Unique design by me
    +Lengthy parkour

    INTOTHEDATA by bllade

    Name:  intothedata.png
Views: 133
Size:  234.8 KB

    It is the year 2040. You are one of a few lucky survivors of the recently concluded World War 3, a catastrophe that wiped out most of humanity. Robots that have lost their purpose now roam the earth, in search of a new meaning. You have heard rumours of a safe stronghold nearby this area, and set off in the hopes of finding it.

    World Includes
    +Engaging Story
    +Unique Parkour (Antigravity parkour)
    +Jammers/Pineapple guardian/Nothingness weather
    +World Swapping Feature
    +VIP Room
    +Adventure Items
    ign: bllade (used to be BladeGamer)

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    Talking Submitting GLACIERCAVE for WOTD!

    WOTD Nomination

    GrowID: ThinkOnly

    Description: Deep inside the depths of the Glacier cave, as the icy temperature drops to -1.5c, you were lost and stranded. However you as a journalist did not give up on living, your dream to explore and take notes on the Glacier Cave did not end. Your journey begins as the raging waters flood the cave. Will you be able to survive the frosty icy madness?

    This world Includes:
    ~Weather Machine Background
    ~Punch & Zombie Jammer
    ~Ghost Charm
    ~Parkour (Medium difficulty)
    ~Facts about the Glacier Cave
    ~VIP (Chilling area when finishing parkour)
    ~Credits board

    Attached Images Attached Images  
    IGN: ThinkOnly

    Insta: _measuring__


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    For the first time in a while, I’d like to present THECOLORSOFHELL!

    A man wakes up one morning to find that everything is in a monochromatic scale. He decides to look around his seemingly deserted city on a quest to find help and color, so he could understand what was going on. Instead of help, he found a cave at the edge of town that was clearly not there before. He explores the cave and color is found. However, it wasn’t quite what he’d expected...

    This world features a one of a kind music: A transcribed intro of Metallica’s Unforgiven III, punch and zombie jammers, a unique story line, a pixel art of a demonic cow skull, and a monochromatic background and parkour.

    Name:  272C987F-BAA4-4421-B7B1-533D765D0010.png
Views: 137
Size:  249.9 KB
    In Game Name: TheArctic
    Main World: THEARCTIC

    Winner of the 2020 KYDERBY world building contest!

    Credits for my avatar go to Oscur

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    World name : THEBIGFOSSIL
    GrowID : VerdantGate
    Description : One day there was a shepherd who was thirsty, then he found a well. But who would have thought, that the well had a mysterious tunnel and he began his journey here
    World included : Zombie Jammer,Punch Jammer,Weather Machine - Jungle,Fire House
    Name:  thebigfossil.png
Views: 145
Size:  1,003.1 KB

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    I decided to put everything I like in my name world and here is the outcome!

    Castle with the story of Ely and Xial. Twins that held the power that started and ended the 8th Great War. The castle was named after them. Ely and Xial are non-identical twins born during the hunt of wizards. Their mother died due to their birth to the man who was incharge of her labor, which is also a wizard, decided to send the twins to different places. This was done to hide them from the hunters. Ely was sent to Lumia, where she was sustained by the Ridd family. They are down to earth, and also wizards. While Xial was sent to Shaghai and taken care by Holm family. They were the boastful executioners in their time.

    During their childhood, Ely was taught the basics of wizardry and discovers the rest on her own while Xial had discovered himself alone and just told not to tell anyone about his powers. Some time in their adulthood, they were sent back to the castle. Ely started her quest of light immediately while Xial was corrupted by the shadows when he went to the shadow ways. Xial, after he was corrupted, gathered an army of corruption to start the war until on the 16th day, Ely found the perfect opportunity to bind the keys of light and shadow which restored the balance in the castle. After that, their tandem became known as the greatest wizards in their time and a generation was named after them also.

    Here is the latest render of the world:

    World includes many original back-stories. Have fun reading them all! Also includes parkours the worthiness of players!
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    IGN : Elyxial
    Level : 87

    Goals :
    It's time to express myself in the real world!

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    Hello Growtopians, i would like to nominate my world UNWILLINGADVENTURE for WOTD submission.
    GrowID: JYay

    Latest Render of the World:

    Name:  unwillingadventure.png
Views: 128
Size:  664.0 KB


    Once, when you were catching fishes in a river next to a village near your house, everything was going smoothly. But suddenly the fast flowing water made you swept away, but miraculously somehow you are still alive. At there, you discovered a cave and decided to explore it, behind the cave is a forest. When you step into the forest, the scene that meets your eyes is a colorful forest. You seem to be captivated by that colorful scenery, but don't forget the task of finding your way out of the dangers of scary living creatures and returning home.

    [World Contains]

    - Punch/Zombie Jammer
    - Weather Machine - Epoch (Floating islands)
    - Fire House
    - Usage of Adventure items and unique blocks
    - Beautiful scenery
    - Original story
    - Easy- Medium parkour for newbie (You can absolutely finish parkour without wings)
    - VIP area for players who have completed the parkour
    - The doors linked to the worlds that i got inspiration from

    Thank For Reading And Good Luck!

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    SUMMARY: You were sea pirates who seek great treasures all around the world, treasures beyond mysteries. You and your crew saw the tropical islet which legend says contain a legendary treasure that has the ability to grant your wish and desire. To be able to get the treasure you must face the trials to achieve it and see the real deal, the real treasure.

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    GrowID: Zawhi

    One day, mischievous you decided to seize the Pot O' Gold hidden by the leprechaun in your vicinity at the end of a rainbow. However, in doing so, he caught you in the act with his eyes. Unfortunately, you have to run back to your house swiftly before the leprechaun grabs his bagpipes or you will be dancing all night to his music.

    World Has:
    - Contains basic jammers (Zombie & Punch jammers), Pineapple Guardian & St. Paddy weather machine
    - Race Loop Mechanism (Credit to RABBITHOLERUN)
    - Pixel arts related to St. Patricks (Leprechaun, Clovers & Pot O' Gold)
    - Utility of dimension blocks to create uncertainty
    - Lots of Green Paint (really ALOT)
    - Fun (most IMPORTANT)
    - VIP Room (for winners)
    - Items obtainable from St. Patrick's event
    - Spectating Boxes

    World Render:
    Click me to see world render

    Sneak into STPATRICKRUN and have a 'time' of your life racing with your friends!
    Yes, I'm Zawhi in Growtopia.

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    Default Nominating CIRCUSOFGT for WOTD

    World name - CIRCUSOFGT
    GrowID - HamaGT

    I created this world to help people learn about carnival after finding out a lot of my friends don't know anything about carnivals and don't even go to the growtopia CARNIVAL! So I made an educational world, where people can learn about Carnivals in real life and in GT in a fun way!

    What this world contains:
    - Jammers (Punch, Zombie, Antigravity, Ghost charm)
    - Party weather machine
    - Many pixel arts
    - Info on ALL growtopia carnival rings
    - Info on ALL growtopia carnival games and ringmaster
    - 10 Interesting facts about carnivals in GT and in real life throughout the world
    - A maze
    - A parkour
    - A quiz about carnival
    - Cybots!
    - Vip area

    Name:  circusofgt.png
Views: 138
Size:  139.1 KB

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    by VOONY

    Name:  irishcharm.png
Views: 133
Size:  430.1 KB

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    IRISHCHARM, my Blarney-inspired world.

    Each one of us is unique on its own. Everyone has its own charm. But, why are you not curious what is the charm of an Irish?

    So, what is it?
    Simply, Irish can overcome challenges specially parkours. Well, are you ready? Are you ready to be as charming as an Irish? If yes, be ready and go kiss the Blarney Stone. Goodluck!

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________


    ♧There is a confusing labyrinth made of grimstones and added looming shadows to make it identical and to increase the level of parkour.

    ♧There are door links for all of the nine Blarney Worlds.

    ♧There are complete type of CyBots which was added to the parkour in which it is on maximum level.

    ♧There is a parkour that uses up, up and away block and through that parkour you will hear the sounds produce by the olmec head.

    ♧There are adventure items used in the parkour.

    ♧There is a parkour that you will encounter which has death trap wall and cracked stone slab.

    ♧There is a sungate and trickster parkour which somehow needs teamwork or not.

    ♧There is a dimension block parkour wherein it is placed through the rainbow so that you can go to the other end of the rainbow.

    ♧There are facts about in real life related to St. Patricks Day, you will encounter this section in the world when you finish the parkour.

    ♧There is a description board placed at the entrance and a credit board and public board placed at the end of the parkour.

    ♧There is punch jammer, zombie jammer, guardian pineapple, mini mod, firehouse, ghost charm, security camera, and weather machine- night in the world.

    ♧There is a place dedicated for you if you finish the parkour in the world.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    This world will not be possible without the help of these people.

    VOONY would like to thank the following:

    ♡NabiKrebs, for always being there for me when I am building and helping me regarding the designs, also for his positivity which encourages me to do my best.

    ♡Elyxial, for giving me compliments, suggestions or tips and for encouraging me to be positive every time.

    ♡Zytran, for always supporting me and giving me good or kind words.

    ♡Bear9, for giving me his thoughts and suggestions for my world.

    ♡Vichuri, for supporting my world and for the compliments he had given to me.

    ♡Ciutie, for supporting my world and giving me some suggestions.

    ♡Growsite, for being my friend who keeps supporting me every time I am participating in a contest.

    And to all of my friends, I will always be grateful that you are my friends. If I miss someone, I know you already know who you are, thank you.

    That's it. Thank you for reading.

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    by VOONY

    /renderworld when the coins are spinning
    Name:  derbysega.png
Views: 128
Size:  949.1 KB

    /renderworld when the coins are not spinning
    Name:  derbysega-1.png
Views: 92
Size:  951.3 KB

    Bump, jump, run, and collect coins.

    Are you ready to be as fast as Sonic the hedgehog?

    After sonic protected the chaos emeralds from Doctor Eggman, in which chaos emeralds when combine, the combiner will possess ultimate power.

    Since, Sonic successfully defeated Doctor Eggman as a reward coins had splattered everywhere and you as Sonic's adventure buddy asked you to help him to collect those coins as soon as possible.

    Here is Sonic's message to you:

    Dear buddy, I need your help to collect the coins and I want you to be fast as you can because someone might get those before you.

    Thanks alot.


    - Pixel art of Sonic the Hedgehog
    - Description Board
    - Derby-inspired world
    - St. Paddy Weather Machine
    - Ghost Charm
    - Guardian Pineapple
    - Zombie Jammer
    - Punch Jammer
    - Firehouse
    - Derby finisher's area

    This is the original pixel art that I incorporate in-game.

    Name:  images.png
Views: 123
Size:  8.4 KB

    The derby can be finish below 3 minutes, in which my personal record is 2 minutes, and 42.31 seconds.

    The coins in the /renderworld are cannot be seen, it is good if you visit the actual world.

    It is friendly type of world, it caters players with or without wings and with or without speedy shoes.

    I want to thank all of my friends who keeps supporting and helping me.
    That's all and thank you.
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    Default Nominating triptotreasure to wotd

    This is my first wotd try. I tried make personal world.
    Render world
    Name:  A4511811-9EFD-4822-BE92-6A765AA98CA0.png
Views: 151
Size:  464.5 KB

    World countains:
    -Xenonite Crystal
    -Weather machine Epoch
    -Basic jammers
    -Simple story
    -Lot of glue used
    -Parkour for everyone

    Good luck everyone

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    Default EPSILONESCAPE for World of the Day!

    Hello everyone! I am ProdigyDawn and I am presenting the much waited sequel of my previous WotD. Here is EPSILONESCAPE and nominating it for WotD!
    Name:  epsilonescape.png
Views: 151
Size:  311.1 KB
    - Minor Optimization; Clash Blocks
    - Basic Jammers
    - A unique storyline, a sequel of EPSILONADVENTURE!
    - Song - Burn by Ellie Goulding
    - Adventure Items
    - Cybots all around the world
    - Sungate and Obelisk Challenge (Team or Solo)
    - Creditory Board!
    - A special area for Completers

    The world EPSILONESCAPE is a sequel of the previous world EPSILONADVENTURE where Clementine, a robotics engineer tries to escape the overlord with her robot Orion-13. They came into the outskirts of Planet Epsilon and discovers a secret military base that will uncover a way for them to escape.
    GrowID: ProdigyDawn
    IG: @prodigydawn



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