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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Nominating My World For World Of The Day

    Hi there ! Its me JunHongYT , I would like to nominate my lovely worlds for World Of The Day.

    TheEvilBunny By JunHongYT
    Name:  theevilbunny (2).png
Views: 144
Size:  427.2 KB

    World : TheEvilBunny
    GrowID : JunHongYT

    World Has :
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Winner's Room
    - Pixel Art
    - Adventure Items
    - Cybots
    - Storyline (Save the village !)
    - Spectate Room

    Story :
    You lived in a bunny
    village.Oneday , you come back to the village and an evil bunny is now the king of the village.He is very selfish so all of the carrots must be given to him . The bunnies hope that you can save the village.You decided to capture the evil bunny and bring back the wonderful and beautiful life back to the bunnies. Save the village !
    DerbyEaster By JunHongYT

    Name:  derbyeaster (2).png
Views: 144
Size:  260.1 KB

    GrowID : JunHongYT
    World : DerbyEaster

    World Has :
    - Pixel Art
    - Punch & Zombie Jammer
    - Winner Area
    - Race tracks
    - Starting & Ending Flag
    - Fire House
    - Weather

    World Information :
    This world is full of race track and the track time will be less than 3 minutes. The world race track is fun and exciting. If you look carefully , the race track is inside the rainbow and there is a huge bunny pixel art.
    The theme for this world is easter as I enjoyed easter very much.

    This world looks better than the render, make sure to check it out !

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    Default Time to got pay for my hardwork xD😀

    i wonder, can world without any pixel art (Pure adventure world) value win wotd like an old day?
    Lets see.
    This world was builded from december 2019 to february 2020
    I solo working on it xD.
    This world is Pure adventure with unique feature like : Cybot , sungate , adventure item , trickster , Dwarven Maze and you can fight the villain too.
    I will not spoiler the story in this world (forgive me if my grammar and english is not good 😅 but i try the best i can do)
    Also this world linked to EVILONDREAM2 if u didnt read bulletin board carefully maybe u will ended in EVILONDREAM2 😂 but dont worry once u finish EVILONDREAM2 bonus world u will moved to EVILONDREAM world to finish the story xD
    #growwotdapr20 #growwotdmay20
    #growtopiagame #pixelart #pixel
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    GNAW by bllade

    You are a bacteria living on a hand-shaped spaceship, but the ship has encountered some unforeseen trouble. Something has broken and you have landed on this planet to salvage old abandoned starships for spare parts. You must then travel through space debris back to your ship to fix the broken something.

    Name:  gnaw.png
Views: 163
Size:  453.3 KB

    World includes
    +Starships blasts used as levels
    +Gravity wells
    +Deathtrap walls
    +Unique level design
    +Antigravity generator
    +Unique design by me
    +Lengthy parkour

    INTOTHEDATA by bllade

    It is the year 2040. You are one of a few lucky survivors of the recently concluded World War 3, a catastrophe that wiped out most of humanity. Robots that have lost their purpose now roam the earth, in search of a new meaning. You have heard rumours of a safe stronghold nearby this area, and set off in the hopes of finding it.

    Name:  intothedata.png
Views: 159
Size:  234.8 KB

    World Includes
    +Engaging Story
    +Unique Parkour (Antigravity parkour)
    +Jammers/Pineapple guardian/Nothingness weather
    +World Swapping Feature
    +VIP Room
    +Adventure Items
    ign: bllade (used to be BladeGamer)

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    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    A world dedicated to Seth and his son, Cosmo.

    The world contains the following:
    PZ Jammers
    Guardian Pineapple
    Xenonite Crystal
    Weather Machine - Stuff
    A race track less than 3 minutes long
    Original pixel art
    Spectating area
    Winner's area
    Free roaming inside the pixel art

    Name:  afatherandson.png
Views: 149
Size:  103.7 KB


    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine - Snowy Night
    -Winter clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You decided to visit the north pole to see Santa. To your surprise, Santa was nowhere to be found. There was a trail of tiny footsteps and magical blue dust. You followed it and ended up here. You get the feeling Santa is somewhere around here, so you decide to explore.

    Name:  thewinterrescue.png
Views: 156
Size:  470.0 KB

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    IG: Kyan7
    Name:  toystoryderby.png
Views: 148
Size:  154.3 KB
    World includes!
    -PZ Jammer
    -Guardian Pineapple
    -Ghost Charm
    -Stuff Weather Machine
    -A Xenonite
    -You’ve got a Friend in Me - Toy Story Theme Song
    -Fun race under 3 minutes with different sections
    -Original Art
    “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
    — The Doctor
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    ― Ross Lynch

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    Post Trying to get wotd

    Name:  adventuretoc0ckroach.png
Views: 140
Size:  344.4 KB
    Lets try
    World name:adventuretoc0ckroach
    Well the story is theres a little boy dreaming about c0ck roach and he little boy discover the c0ckroach hole that his grandfather telling him a years ago and he found out that the c0ckroach killed his grandfather and grandmother so he try to finish the parkoour to get his revenge he want to kill the c0ckroach, Then he killed the c0ckroach but unfortunately Its just a dream.

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    Default Nominating WIZARDDAY for WOTD

    *This is my first experience uploading thread to forum, sorry if I do something wrong like my grammar, etc.*

    WIZARDDAY is simple wizard-story world that needed your help to save a main wizard.

    GrowID : DNanz
    World : WIZZARDDAY

    Name:  wizardday.png
Views: 141
Size:  442.8 KB

    You wake up in a strange wizard village. You don't know who you are. You planned to do something to get out of this situation. You help main wizard to get his power back by approaching him. You need to ask wizard villagers to start or you will get it harder. After finishing parkour, main wizard gets his power back and deliver you to get back to your own world. You wake up and realize it was just a dream.

    - PZ Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Mars-Blasted world that helping at parkour
    - User friendly, not hard, but not easy too.

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    Default Nominating ITACHIGT for WOTD

    IGN: Itachi
    World: ITACHIGT

    Name:  itachigt (12).png
Views: 137
Size:  719.7 KB


    I'd like to nominate my main world ITACHIGT for WOTD. The overall design of the world represents an enormous, elegant castle being overseen by a dragon. The music is called "Dragon Dream" (Composed by Spaarky), which blends in with the main theme of the world really well.

    Players who would like a challenge can choose to find the 20 hidden letters that have been cleverly placed around the world. Due to the intense amount of detail in this world, this is going to be no easy task!

    In summary, the main features of the world include:

    • Over 1000+ blocks from Clash events
    • A puzzle for players to solve
    • Use of Adventure items to make the puzzle more challenging with hints wherever necessary
    • Parkour

    Other features include:

    • Use of paint
    • Weather-Epoch
    • Special Thanks/Credits Board near spawn
    • PZ Jammers, Ghost Charm, Firehouse
    • Music
    IGN: Itachi

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    Nominating my world!
    Growid: solecito
    World Name: Saveturkeys

    Description: oh no all the turkeys have escaped! Help me capture them all by collecting all 5 items required!

    Features: ghost charm, punch jammer, music, adventure items, and a vip room for finishers!

    Name:  D1AA0F6D-41C5-4FE2-BE9C-DB5A0997E463.png
Views: 121
Size:  429.9 KB

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    I would like to nominate 3 worlds of mine.
    All worlds contains Punch and Zombie Jammers.

    Valentine's Day based world
    -6 interesting facts about Valentine's Day
    -'noob' friendly parkour (you can do the whole parkour without double jump/speedy mod)
    -pixel art of angels wings, cupid leash and love birds
    -"original" mechanic with Storm Clouds & Cracked Stone Slab (I would say original, atleast at the time the world was made)
    -hang-out rooms
    -castle of love
    fun fact - everyone on the renderworld is wearing heart shirt =D
    Name:  enjoyvday.png
Views: 120
Size:  306.5 KB

    Summer Fest's based world
    -6 fun facts
    -'noob' friendly parkour (you can do the whole parkour without double jump/speedy mod)
    -well written story about Captain Blackbeard
    -hang-out room
    Name:  gringobeach.png
Views: 121
Size:  883.8 KB

    Hallowen Week's based world
    -5 interesting facts about Halloween
    -hang-out room
    -small volcano
    Name:  growganothschallenge.png
Views: 25
Size:  554.1 KB

    My GrowID is iCZE.

    Good luck to everyone nominating & have a good day,
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    Rest In Peace, Marley
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    Name:  easterislandquest (1).png
Views: 111
Size:  712.9 KB

    this world is a race world and is inspired from easter island and moais

    Race with your friends!
    This world have:
    PZ jammer
    Pine guard
    Xenonite Crystal
    And Ghost charm!
    By this jammers, the race will be equal and fair!

    Update: I put clouds and seagulls (this will lead to easter egg place!!)

    Name:  growieuniversity (1).png
Views: 109
Size:  530.3 KB

    This world is a Role-play school world. In this world, you cannot miss a class because of Adventure item + game generator unique use!! You can still go out while on class if you'll go to bathroom or canteen but make sure to come back !

    Make sure one of you will be teacher! I'll be the teacher if I'm around, and I'll be in the world whenever I can!
    This world have:
    PZ Jammers
    Game generator + Adventure item unique use
    5 different classes and home time(you can go out with your friends in this time)
    The classes are 7 minutes apart!

    Let's see how players will react to roleplay worlds!
    I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by M1tch View Post
    Bye, AlyMilk Best of luck and thank you for your kind words

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    Default Re-Nominating HISTORYBOOKS for WOTD

    First time nominating for WOTD!

    IGN/GrowID : SmirkyMyBear
    World Name : HistoryBooks

    Short Description Of World :

    You can read the entire History of Growtopia from 2013 until present (will keep updating in the future) as well as Fun facts, Update List, and Much More! If you are an Old player, I'm sure you will get nostalgia! Very useful for new players too!. So that they can learn the complete history of Growtopia!

    There are also 4 Mini-Games : Dice & Rashambo Game, Spleef, and Small Parkour

    World Features:
    • P & Z Jammers, Ghost Charm, Fire House, and Weather Machine - Background
    • 4 Mini-Games (Dice&Rashambo, Spleef, and Small Parkour
    • Guestbook Pixel art, as well as chat bubble pixel art
    • Hidden Letter Scattered around the world, Gather all to enter exclusive VIP
    • Louge, Vip, and Exclusive VIP
    • Special Room for Moderators to write down the question and something about themself (that they're willing to share)
    • Credits to the world and friends that have helped me and inspire me on building the world
    • 15 questions Quiz game that changes from time to time with 2 WLs prize.

    Update :

    30th April 2020 : Added 2 new admin to help me manage the world, Fixed mistakes on history, filled every display boxes with an item that's related to the topic, added rocks,added Quiz Game

    Highest World Honors Reached: #297 Today
    Highest Top-Rated Information World : #1 (4.89)

    Latest World Render :
    Name:  historybooks (4).png
Views: 98
Size:  347.5 KB
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