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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    Default Nomininating triptotreasure to wotd

    This is my first wotd try. I tried make personal world
    It has P guard now!!!
    Name:  886B8EA3-8C25-4404-AB6D-A1B721444F9D.png
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Size:  472.3 KB

    World countains:
    -Basic jammers
    -Xenonite Crystal
    -Weather machine Epoch
    -Pineapple Guardian
    -Ghost Charm
    -Parkour for everyone
    -Simple story
    -Self made music
    -Special area for winners
    -Lot of glue used

    Good luck everyone

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    Default GLACIERMONARCHY nominated for WOTD!

    GrowID: Kuishie

    Name:  glaciermonarchy (3).png
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    "You are an adventurer on a quest to climb the top of The Great Ice mountain and find the majestic statue of the Ice Butterfly that awaits outside of it. But the thing is, the outermost layer of the mountain is completely coated with deadly ice, and the only way left to reach the top of the mountain is to go from right under it and through the caverns and find the way up to the top. There you can now take your last steps on the clouds and arrive at the statue of the Ice Butterfly."

    Notable Features:
    -The Usage of Adventure Items (Idol Gates, Gorillas, Key Doors, Barriers, etc.)
    -Ice Parkour, where the main gimmick is patience and rhythm.
    -Sneaky spike placement (To test the patience of the player, of course)

    Essentials (Jammers):
    • Punch Jammer
    • Zombie Jammer
    • Ghost Charm
    • Firehouse
    IGN: Kuishie

    i make art thats it :3

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    GROWID: Messier32

    Storyline: You have to save the growtopia from the wrath of Dr. Destructo.

    World Features:
    Night machine
    Adventure items
    Credit board near the white door
    World is filled with Trickster, cybots, shockbots to maximize the fun and challenge every players who wanted to finish this adventure.

    The advantage of this world to other worlds nominated here is this world is newbie friendly. This adventure doesn't require wings to get finished.

    Renderworld:Attachment 236778

    Thank you very much for reading. Good luck to everyone and me, too.

    Have a nice day and Happy cinco de mayo!!!

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    Red face Nominating for WOTD World : THEMYSTICALISLAND

    Submitting for WOTD MAY

    World contains :

    You are trapped on an island and the sun is setting. you dont have anything and if you do nothing you will die here. You flash the flashlight from your cellphone and start searching for food and shelter. You will find some strange things that you have never seen. You experience some stress and dizziness. You have to do it sooner or later. You only have 1 live, use it well.You won't survive if you just stand here, let's go

    Credits to :
    Thank you Flunox and GENERATIONZS for helping me renovate and JYay for giving me an idea 😂 from his world

    @heynekorei @ubisoftabudhabi @bleulabelgt #growwotdmay20

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    Nominating RISENDREAMS for WOTD.

    GrowID: TurtlePirate

    Name:  risendreams-4.png
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    You are a child who constantly falls asleep in the deepest fear, because you have terrifying nightmares every night.

    One night, as usual, you lay down on your bed, turned on your dazzling night light and fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, you dreamed of an incredibly unusual and terrifying nightmare - it was worse than all previous nightmares, you wanted to wake up as quickly as possible and now - you open your eyes and your body is covered with cold sweat, because you abruptly realize that nothing has changed and that can only mean one thing - your nightmares have become real.

    Can you get out of this terrible and terrifying world of nightmares before the morning?


    1) Main character's house, Demonic Eye, floating Demonic Eyes, Frankenstein, Skeleton, Demonic Smiling Skeleton, Slenderman - Mythical Character.

    2) Signal Jammer, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer.

    3) Weather Machine - Spooky

    4) Almost everything in the whole world is painted.

    5) Almost everything is glued to each other.

    6) Cybots all around the world, so the parkour is more creative and it's more interesting to participate.

    7) Tricksters all around the world, so the parkour is more creative and it's more interesting to participate.

    8) Dimension Blocks all around the world, so the parkour is more creative and it's more interesting to participate.

    9) Adventure Items all around the world, so the world is more enjoyable and interesting.

    10) Special room at the end of the world for winners.

    11) Dialogue along the way.

    12) Creative & Challenging parkour.

    13) Creative & Beautiful decorations.

    14) Cool & Interesting storyline.

    Nominating THEWITCHSISLE for WOTD.

    GrowID: TurtlePirate

    Name:  thewitchsisle-8.png
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    Name:  thewitchsisle2-2.png
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    On a solitary island somewhat removed from the continent, there is a town - a town ruled by a witch.

    One night, one of the villagers gets a sudden visit from a witch, who puts her under a curse. If she doesn't find the witch's stolen urn by 4:00 AM, the curse will kill her. She begins her search, but along the way she starts hearing more and more about the secret of the witch & the island.

    Can you find and return the Witch's stolen urn back to her by exploring the whole island?


    1) Main character's house, Town & Village, Tress & Plants, Thief's broken boat, beautiful and charming sky with a few clouds & rainbow.

    2) Signal Jammer, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer.

    3) Weather Machine - Stargazing

    4) Almost everything in the world is painted with beautiful and different colours, so the world looks more cool & interesting.

    5) CyBots almost everywhere in the world, so the world and parkour look cool & It's more interesting to participate.

    6) Tricksters almost everywhere in the world, so the world and parkour look cool & It's more interesting to participate.

    7) Adventure Items almost everywhere in the world, so the world and parkour is more cool & It's more interesting to participate.

    8) Special room at the end of the world for the winners.

    9) Dialogue along the way.

    10) Creative & Challenging parkour, so the world and parkour is more cool & It's more interesting to participate.

    11) Bountiful Items & Beautiful decorations in the whole world, so the world and parkour look more cool & interesting.

    12) Creative & Interesting storyline, in which you are a resident of a small town that is located on an island that is cursed by a witch.

    13) After passing the first main world, you will be moved to a shorter world, which will be the conclusion of this fascinating story.

    Nominating REPTILEDERBY for WOTD.


    GrowID: TurtlePirate

    Name:  reptilederby-3.png
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    REPTILEDERBY is a race world based on KYDERBY and is created for players to gather in the world & compete for speed - Saddle Up!


    1) Dinosaur, surrounded by a nice race, which is decorated in beautiful & different colours, futhermore - it resembles the habitat of reptiles.

    2) Signal Jammer, Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Pineapple Guardian, Ghost Charm, Mini-Mod.

    3) Weather Machine - Stargazing

    4) Information about The Kentucky Derby & KYDERBY.

    5) Special room at the end of the world for the winners.
    Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

    Discord: TurtlePirate#7906
    Instagram: @pirategrowtopia

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    First of all this world story is a true story
    Its about a boy that was bullied during his first presentation so a “reason”(you will discover it soon)and wished to be stuck in a dream to forgot all his pains,but he realized that all the scene that he past thru are in his lucid dream and always feel observed.
    So the world contain:
    A story line
    The 2 jammers
    A compatible weather machine
    And no empty spaces

    I paid alot of this world and the details in it are so creative
    I got inspired from my self and the big guy is my creation.
    The big dude is a representation of how much the kid was feeling observed by a creature completely different from him

    The lazy cobras are linked to the tv show also the albinos tiger
    The bathats are the feeling of being touched
    The air conditioner represent his mom breath

    Thx if you liked my story and got any feedbacks just reply ty

    World name:dreamytopia
    Name:  FF9CA6C5-7C6E-4B68-9503-46F2B355382D.png
Views: 138
Size:  1.09 MB
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    The castle, an ancient legend,
    Now empowered and strengthened by the Golden Heart Crystal,
    The mythical artifact fallen from the stars,
    infuses things with an essence of wonder.
    It's power transforms the items.
    It's power cannot be contained, and from ruins the castle was revived...

    A cool castle to hang out and chill!

    ID: EYoshy
    World: EnchantedYoshi

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    --- Story ---
    You were on a quest to gather all of the 4 adventure items laying in different areas. Then you give it to Prof. Bunny to complete his latest invention which is an time machine not just an ordinary time machine but it also looks like an egg

    What's in the world?
    - P and Z jammers
    - Story
    - Dialogues on the signs
    - Fun facts around the world about the areas
    - Easy - Medium Parkour
    - Adventure Items
    - Pixel art of the Egg
    - Credits
    - V.I.P
    - Weather Machine - Background
    - 4 Play areas consists of Greenlands, Depress Land, Volcano Cave, Darker Cave

    Name:  eggventurequest.png
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    Default My world for the wotd

    Im nominating my world for the wotd, because there you can learn how to make a taco+have a fun in parkour while searching the ingridients!
    World features: (PZ jammers, weather machine with chilli background, vip room, parkour, cool adventure)
    Grow id: dekatoo
    Name:  juicytacoadventure.png
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Size:  650.5 KB

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    Red face Nominating "UmPocoLoco" for WOTD

    Name:  umpocoloco.png
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Size:  774.7 KB

    World name: UmPocoLoco

    GrowID: ArquiGhost
    World includes:
    - Zombie Jammer
    - Punch Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Meteor Shower Weather Machine
    - "Un Poco Loco" song!
    - Little Parkour
    - A Maze
    - Piñatas with items inside of them for players to smash!

    This is a Cinco de Mayo themed world to commemorate the current festive event in Growtopia! The world is filled with facts about Cinco de Mayo and has an intriguing story line that goes along, in sync, with the medium level parkour as well as a festive maze that goes around the 5 pixel arts in the world: The ultra piñata, Coati Scarf, Fiesta Marachi guitar, hot pepper, and finally, the popular Cinco de Mayo logo!

    Hope you enjoy the world as much as I enjoyed builidng it!

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    Default Nominating Nedela for WOTD

    GrowID: WavyJones
    World: Nedela

    "Nedela" Wavyjones
    Name:  nedela.jpg
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Size:  468.7 KB
    World Render:

    Hello , my name is WavyJones and I would like to nominate my world NEDELA for World of the Day. I have been playing this game for a long time and I thought I should give something back to the community, so i built a WOTD worthy world. I gave my best to achieve hazy jungle-like atmosphere to really bump up the adventure's experience. In designing, I found and matched right blocks for my theme, mostly green and black with hints of yellow and aqua blue. Story consists of two parts: one is the backstory which you could read in the beginning (in the guestbooks, also there is your goal and some insight for clarification if needed) and the other one is directional protagonist's monologue written on western banners which you can find throughout your journey. To really enhance the story, I made an appropriate pixel art: floating brain connected to those slimy creatures. I had some friends and strangers test the parkour, to ensure that people with different jumping skill sets could have a go and it would still be little bit challenging.

    Basic jammers: punch, zombie, ghost charm and firehouse
    Storyline (backstory, main story)
    Interesting mannequin characters clothed accordingly
    Medium parkour with some challenging parts
    Little adventure journey and maze
    Jungle weather to help with the aesthetics
    Pixel art and an eerie poem (credits in bulletin board)
    Further information and credits, also linked inspiration worlds

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    Default SunsetRun

    In SunsetRun you get to enjoy a versatile race, changing landscapes and beautiful views to the sea!


PS: The world has seen some improvements since last submission, which include, but not limited to: Extended race track, more arrows, and the water part has been made easier for the average runner.

    The world also features:
    * 12 spots from which everyone can watch their friends race
    * Winners area
    * Arrows to lead you in the right direction
    * Dimension blocks to avoid runners getting lost

    Hope you enjoy!
    Name:  sunsetrun.png
Views: 140
Size:  1.01 MB



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