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Thread: Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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    I'd like to start off by saying that this world was made & funded entirely by me and took me a pretty long time, however my friends all gave me the motivation to carry on making the world, Anton0202 especially. He currently has 16 WOTDs and he is a truly inspirational player.

    World Name: IotmAdventure
    GrowID: TheNote

    I'd also like to add that there is HUGE potential for me to make many sequels to this world if the world is received well. In fact, I already have planned a story for the potential next world.

    You come back after a day of hard work, and immediately go to your bed and collapse. You're so tired that you can't possibly stay awake, so you close your eyes and doze off into a deep, deep sleep.
    Yet little did you know that this was not going to be an ordinary dream. No, something wasn't right. You feel as if you are constantly falling into the abyss, as you hear a distinct voice "Growtopian, wake up!".
    Is that really who you think it is? No, surely it isn't...Sethmumu!?
    "Snap out of it!" he yells.
    You gradually come to your senses and notice you are not at home in your bed. You are surrounded by yellow, everywhere you look is yellow, yellow, yellow! Something doesn't feel right, you feel as if you are moving like a 2D character does in all those video games you play.

    Your mission is to figure out what is going on, and how to get out of this dream.

    (A bit of extra information about the story)
    You must get back the IOTMs that were stolen by an evil villain as he runs away to his U.F.O and through a GIANT space time rupture. Traverse through the IOTMs and defeat the villain, easy right? I guess you'll have to see

    - Jammers - Punch, Zombie, Ghost Charm, Fire House
    - Background weather (with darkness inside) really sets the atmosphere and brings out the colours
    - Hundreds of paint buckets used
    - Story board(s) to add extra story to the world
    - Immersive parkour as you traverse through all of the IOTMs featured in the world
    - Exciting story with huge potential for multiple sequels
    - V.I.P area for winners
    - Board thanking all the players who helped/inspired me
    - Donation area to go towards my next WOTD attempt(s)
    - Interlinking IOTM pixel arts e.g Razor wings look like they are attached to dragon scarf, Horn piercing the royal lock etc.
    - Board + Door linked to Anton0202's main world (which also has WOTD) and which has links to all of his other WOTDs
    - Some signs have Fun Facts (FF) about the IOTMs which provide players with useful information
    - Easy into Medium parkour
    - Signs throughout world with part of story on them
    - Death Spikes with Dark Cave Backgrounds on them in areas so that players cannot leave the area too far
    - Entirely new idea (I've not seen it done yet) with the parkour through the IOTMs
    - Features the following characters: Sethmumu, Zraei, Kudo and the super secret villain!!

    Name:  iotmadventure (new) 4.png
Views: 144
Size:  641.2 KB

    Some extra info about the render
    - Please note that this render was made before I added the spikes with dark cave backgrounds behind them. This was because the
    darkness that the dark cave backgrounds provide is not visible on renders, so you could see all the spikes.
    - Another added thing is that I painted the ice next to the Speed Medallion black to add effect, I did not put dark cave background
    behind it as I felt it was important for players to be able to see that it was there.
    - As well as this, the zombie jammer has been added since the render.
    - Finally the portal parkour inside the Speed Medallion was added after the render, due to the same issue with the "dark cave background".
    P.S I don't know why, but the render doesn't show our actual outfits

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read all the above, it truly means a lot.
    Feel free to let me know what you think of the world by posting on the board in the world

    (Things changed since last time)
    - Made end area / spaceship fit the theme better
    - Added ruptures / tears in the world
    - Added the ruptures / tears into the story

    Good luck everyone,

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    World: AIM
    GrowID: Edmush

    World info: A spooky-eerie derby theme world, you should try it out in game!
    It has punch & zombie jammers, pine guardian and ghost charm.
    VIP lounge after long and tiring race!
    Spooky scary skeleton music too!
    1min45secs - 2minutes finishing.
    Name:  aim.png
Views: 149
Size:  780.7 KB

    GrowID: Edmush

    World info: Spooky adventure world with storylines.
    A really scary music composed by MonstoR.
    Funfacts about Halloween.
    Credit board is at the white door.
    It has all the jammers!

    Name:  tutankhamuncurse.png
Views: 156
Size:  1.09 MB

    GrowID: Edmush

    World info: Parkour, password games, riddles, hunts and many more!
    This world came in Top 9 on Black Friday contest!
    A VIP lounge!
    It has all the jammers!
    A really happy music that brightens up the world alot!

    Name:  gtshopeesale.png
Views: 130
Size:  242.1 KB
    IGN: Edmush
    Level: 91
    WOTDs: 28
    Growtopia since October 2013
    Forums since September 2014

    Sponsored Item:
    The Gungnir (Yes, xAzureHKF is me.)

    #AIRANCIENTS Guild Master

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    Default InfiniteLoop

    Name:  infiniteloop.png
Views: 138
Size:  895.2 KB

    Whilst submitting my WOTD attempts, I almost always mentioned that I've been putting most my time to a different world, that I had yet to submit, this going back way back to my 2nd WOTD (over a year ago). I've been working on it for let's see... not too long... only around 1000 hours (yes, I'm serious). All the contents of the project are in different, interlinked worlds, and the main world just being the gateway that connects every single stage. The size of it is that of around 50 full worlds. Every single level (close to a 1000 levels) (except 1 that was built by Heramix), was built by me. Each level was placed accordingly, where it should in terms of difficulty. InfiniteLoop starts off from the lowest possible difficulty (running from door to door), to incredibly complex riddles and parkours. It gradually gets harder and harder, slowly enough to give a massive challenge to every single player in the game. Even a complete starter, will be able to get somewhere, and along the way experience happiness, satisfaction, anger, and despair. The difficulty slowly keeps increasing, to a point even the most talented, skilled, and experienced will be completely overwhelmed. InfiniteLoop is without a doubt, the ultimate challenge.

    InfiniteLoop has more reason to exist, than just to give the ultimate challenge to every single player out there, and that is to introduce people to... well... everything! From features, blocks, to mechanics and other goodies in the game! For example, it is interlinked with every single blast in the game, just to showcase them. It goes through farms, trade worlds, parkour worlds, recent worlds, and old worlds. I spent around 30 hours searching for 2000+ day locks, just to interlink them with InfiniteLoop (no regrets). InfiniteLoop introduces players to password doors, obelisks, gateways, adventure items, timers, gravity wells, stone slabs, and hundreds of other features; all this in the most clever way, by making an incredibly easy level with them, just to later bring back the features with a colossal complexity upgrade. Obviously with all this, there is also necessity of certain in-game clothes.. However, that's why, these features get introduced slowly, to first give a challenge to everyone. Later on, a double jump, a flashlight (very far), and the supporter status (extremely far) is necessary (the supporter status is necessary for the stupidest reason ever, as the challenge timer is only for supporters... despite being a feature that is supposed to be usable by EVERYONE rather than limited to certain people [yes, I suggested that this would get changed]).

    There is a story, but it is intentionally incredibly vague and hard to understand. I left for people to deduce its meaning, purpose, and what the hell it even is.

    The world has a prize, and it's around 3000 WLS (+ tens of mini-prizes for just getting far [they are dropped in far-rooms]).

    Let's get into the thing then, now that we're done with the short bio...

    The first level that belongs in the "anti-elite" level pack; it's designated to take out above average skilled players. Average get time: 15-20 hours (room 30).
    Name:  30.png
Views: 110
Size:  504.3 KB

    The second "anti-elite." A massive difficult riddle with no parkour, which averagely takes 3 hours for people to beat.
    Name:  31.png
Views: 100
Size:  369.7 KB

    THE INCERNATION OF CHAOS AND EVIL, THE THIRD ANTI-ELITE AKA A PSEUDO-GATEKEEPER (Gatekeepers are what comes after anti-elites) THAT HAS 3 PHASES. Average beat time: 20 hours (yes, for a single level.. One guy afked every single day for 2 weeks, playing 7-15 hours everyday [yes, he beat it]).
    Name:  32.png
Views: 107
Size:  359.5 KB

    The level that is impossible unless you're a supporter... (pls fix and make the challenge timer available for non-supporters, it's really a pointless feature for it to be supporters-only). Average figure out time: 10 hours. This level is just a singular trick, but it's far far far greater than any other trick built in InfiniteLoop. Oh, it's also the 4th anti-elite.
    Name:  33.png
Views: 102
Size:  521.0 KB

    5th anti-elite and a level you would rather not play (half the world is like this, and it's hell to walk around it).
    Name:  34.png
Views: 101
Size:  311.6 KB

    The second gatekeeper (skipping the first one) and the only one I'll show here due to spoiling. Average get time: uhh, maybe around 100 hours. Only around 100 players are capable of beating this level without spending a good portion of their life.
    Name:  35.png
Views: 106
Size:  185.1 KB

    Showed very little of what InfiniteLoop has to offer, but I wager it's more than enough to win WOTD. If not, then hell just remove WOTD from my other 4 works.. because this world is where I spent 80% of the time I played this game.

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    Default [Worlds I Nominate For WOTD]

    This is an 'Art Gallery' themed racing track made up of 5 different famous art pieces throughout history that I really like and wanted to make in Growtopia. I've always wanted to make famous pieces of art inside Growtopia and have people see them so it was a great racing track idea.

    The art peices I chose to make are:
    -The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
    -The Son Of Man by René Magritte
    -The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
    -Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol
    -The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

    The world has:
    ->Punch / Zombie Jammer
    ->Pine Guardian
    ->Mini-Mod (Blocks unecessary dropping of items at the end point)

    Name:  artgalleria (1).png
Views: 78
Size:  157.4 KB

    This world is heavily inspired by the game Terraria in it's design and a bit in the story.
    You were awoken one day from your small little wooden hut to a evil presence
    Coming from deep, deep underground, beneath your house, the presence made you tremble in fear
    But you could not let it go on, so you decided to go explore to the depths to find out what was causing that strange feeling, your journey begins in the Jungle, who knows where it may lead you to.

    The world has
    -The Terraria theme song
    -The Jungle, Desert, Hell biome and the Dungeon from Terraria
    -a hidden Terraria boss
    -parkour and a nice story

    Name:  terrafying (2).jpg
Views: 77
Size:  351.0 KB

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    Owner: asdsda321412
    Special Thanks to: growm4ster, AiingPuring

    Go left, right, climb and jump!
    Vengeful Donkey Kong had kidnapped your lady!
    Dodge those barrels, Grab that hammer!
    Go save your lovely Pauline!

    Donkey Kong is a series of video games featuring the adventures of a gorilla character called Donkey Kong, conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981.

    In the game, Mario (originally named Mr. Video and then Jumpman) must ascend a construction site while avoiding obstacles such as barrels and fireballs to rescue a damsel in distress named Pauline (originally named Lady), from a giant ape named Donkey Kong.

    World Features:

    • JAMMERS - Guardian Pineapple, Firehouse, Ghost Charm, Zombie Jammer, Punch Jammer
    • PIXEL ARTS - Donkey Kong Gameplay world design and Mario and Pauline (google image references), and self-made donkey kong
    • FINISHERS' AREA - VIP room for finishers to hangout and brag their race time
    • SPECTATORS' AREA - 11 small spectator rooms are made for anyone who wants to watch the thrilling race. These are made connected to each other for spectators to never miss a single second of the race.
    • WINNERS' PODIUM - The scoreboard serves as the winners' podium wherein 1st place in the center, 2nd place in its left and 3rd place in the right. That is why the score shows 020010030. There are elevated blocks to show emphasis based on their rank
    • RACE TRACK- A full-world race track that can be finished in 2:00 to 2:30 (minutes:seconds)

    Name:  derbykong.png
Views: 70
Size:  540.5 KB



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    Default Nominating : NEWYORKRUSH for WOTD!

    Nominating the world: NEWYORKRUSH
    GrowID : Bryanwzx

    This world features :
    • Night weather machine
    • Punch jammer
    • Zombie jammer
    • Guardian pineapple
    • Ghost charm
    • Fire house
    • Minimod
    • Medium difficulty parkour
    • Original design of parkour!
    • Three howlers and a trickster!
    • Usage of adventure items such as torches, golden idol, ropes, adventure doors and blazers.
    • Usage of Sun Gate with 10 obelisk!
    • Wide and messy arrangement of blocks to give it an adventurous look.
    • Interesting story plot with exciting twists!
    • VIP area for players who finishes the parkour & 3 public bulletin boards for the public to comment!
    •Bulletin board for credits and quick story plot above the main white door.

    Quick story plot : Four brothers named Leo, Ralph, Don and Mike and their friend Angela are trying to hunt down Mitch, after he stole a robotic part from Don's collection. As they try to hunt down Mitch, Mitch planted deadly devices and spikes in their base to slow them down. Hurry and help them on their quest to save New York!
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    Default Nominating Nedela for WOTD

    GrowID: WavyJones
    World: Nedela

    "NEDELA" WavyJones
    Name:  nedela (1).jpg
Views: 72
Size:  467.3 KB

    Hello , my name is WavyJones and I would like to nominate my world NEDELA for World of the Day. I have been playing this game for a long time and I thought I should give something back to the community, so i built a WOTD worthy world. I gave my best to achieve hazy jungle-like atmosphere to really bump up the adventure's experience. Story consists of two parts: one is the backstory which you could read in the beginning (in the guestbooks, also there is your goal and some insight for clarification if needed) and the other one is directional protagonist's monologue written on western banners which you can find throughout your journey. To really enhance the story, I made an appropriate pixel art: floating brain connected to those slimy creatures. I had some friends and strangers test the parkour, to ensure that people with different jumping skill sets could have a go and it would still be little bit challenging.

    Basic jammers: punch, zombie, ghost charm and firehouse
    Storyline (backstory, main story)
    Interesting mannequin characters
    Medium parkour with some challenging parts
    Little adventure journey, maze and hidden object
    Jungle weather to help with the aesthetics
    Pixel art and an eerie poem
    Further information and credits in bulletin board, also linked inspiration worlds

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    Name:  nocturnalblossom.png
Views: 72
Size:  784.1 KB

    As the sun sets, a nocturnal flower appears in the middle of the ravishing forest - The Nocturnal Blossom. As scheduled, it is the turn for the butterflies to gather on the nocturnal blossom as one - whilst given the emotional butterflies a moment

    Try out this adventure world, with rarely used gameplays that you sure would love

    World contains:
    *Amazing pixel arts of 4 different colored butterflies, 2 vinescapade, and a personallized cherry blossom
    *Fantasy Story Outline
    *Clothed Character *25+ (Fairy Blossom)
    *Rarely used gameplays
    -Trickster (Functioning now)
    -Empire Maze
    -Ravishing Jungle
    -Step on a crack
    -Missing idol
    -Hypertech Field
    *Neatly done of creation
    -Extensive use of black paints to appear a clearer version of the artworks
    *VIP/Winners Room
    -Usage of new easter blocks
    *Hidden quotations
    *Xenonite Crystal (Blocking Double Jump)
    *Pineapple Guardian
    *Punch Jammer
    *Zombie Jammer
    *Ghost Charm
    *Fire House
    *Public Viewing area are enhanced despite raised concerns


    Name:  easterkyderby (4).png
Views: 72
Size:  324.4 KB

    We present you an easter themed kyderby world especially open for every growtopians to try and have fun on. As the racers target the limit to reach the time of less than 3 minutes, as the world followed all rules stated.

    The world consists of:
    *Easter Bubbles along with the race
    *Hall of Racers
    *VIP/Winners Room
    *Spectators Room (4 areas)
    *Tree house Spectator Room (4 areas)
    *Forestic lower area design
    *Bunny Art
    *Lettering of "EASTER" ribbon style
    *Rules and Regulations
    *Weather - Stuff Machine (Magic Egg)
    *Punch Jammer
    *Zombie Jammer
    *Ghost Charm
    *Pineapple Guardian


    Name:  imperialblarney.png
Views: 75
Size:  841.1 KB

    Background Story:
    In the world of leprechauns, a kingdom from the heavens mysteriously rumbled for a palace to rise - The Imperial Blarney Palace. A palace which stands the magical blarey stone waiting to be kissed not only by leprechauns, as for humans too.

    *Circulative gameplay (to be explained on my world gameplay video)
    - contains adventure items
    - rarely used blocks
    *A interactive/solo Sungate gameplay "Sungate Trial"
    *A rainbow hypertech gameplay "Rainbow Siege"
    *A dirty sewer, no leprechaun area gameplay "Sewer Escapde"
    - contains death traps
    - stone slab
    * A howler gameplay "Dawn of the Wolf"
    *Tricky Tree gameplay "See-the-Tree"
    *A leprechaun jump off gameplay "Leppy-Jump"
    *Installment of Techy-Paddy
    *2 world gameplay
    *Clouds Fierce gameplay "High-up"

    World contains:
    *Both world contains needed jammers
    - Zombie Jammer
    - Ghost Charm
    - Punch Jammer
    - Firehouse
    - Weather Machine (Night)
    - Extensive use of paints
    - Proper Block Mixing
    - Proper Block Arrangement
    - Usage of rarely used blocks
    - Usage of different event blocks
    - Leprechauns! (In a form of mannequin)
    - Awesome Looking Entrance
    - Blarney Stone Placement
    - Forestic Design
    - Original Designs
    - Original Lucky Horseshoe Art
    - Original Emerald Art
    - Original Rainbow Art
    - Links to different blarney world (1-9, 10 is extra)
    - Song (Overfly)
    A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

    IGN: Zytran
    World: ZYTRAN
    Instagram: @zytran_gt

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    Name:  khartinaisland.jpg
Views: 77
Size:  342.3 KB

    The forgotten island, Khartina- the home for bunnies that lived centuries up to this date are possessed by a secret
    bunny trying to rule the land

    Note: This is a sequel, the other scenes will be made sooner - stay tuned for future creations

    World contains:
    *Adventure items
    *Forestic gameplay
    *Bunny pixel art
    *Zombie jammer, ghost charm, punch jammer and fire house
    *Tangram formation
    *Personalized code
    *Original story line
    *Medium difficulty level
    *Original bridge and houses
    *VIP area (at the ending)
    *Sequel WOT attempt


    Name:  fairytailderby.png
Views: 83
Size:  238.6 KB

    Saddle up growtopians for this anime themed kyderby race inspired by "Fairy Tail" is now in game, bring up your friends and race till the end as mages!

    World contains:
    *Zombie jammer, ghost charm, punch jammer and fire house
    *Fairy Tail text art (original)
    *Happy pixel art
    *Fire arts
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    Default Nominating FISHFINS for WOTD

    Name:  fishfins.png
Views: 82
Size:  607.9 KB

    World: FISHFINS
    Growid: Cykn

    This world is themed after an old German fairy tale about a fisherman, his wife, and an almighty enchanted bass that grants their wishes, only for them to get too greedy with the fish causing him to take back all their wishes leaving them with nothing. Visit the world for the full storyline!! Special thanks to everyone who helped me with this world and inspired me to create it. The world also features a unique parkour design using the Up Up and Away blocks throughout.

    -Punch and Zombie Jammer
    -Parkour using Up Up and Away blocks
    -Fishing facts and tips throughout
    -Credit board is at the white door

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    I'm nominating TheFlooding for my first ever WOTD! I have previously tried to win WOTD with no avail, so I fixed up the world a bit and I'm trying again!

    World name: TheFlooding
    GrowID: Contagion

    World Description: You start off in the world surrounded by water that leads into the sewer. The water pushes you so hard you pass out and end up in the heart of the sewer. After waking up, you set off to find your way out by collecting the 3 adventure items and making it back to the adventure door. The whole world is a giant puzzle parkour maze. You constantly have to backtrack to progress to the next adventure item and you're free to collect them in any order you can find them in!


    Name:  theflooding.png
Views: 126
Size:  973.0 KB

    World includes: Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, and Pineapple Guardian
    IGN: Contagion

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    Hello growtopians! I'm nominating THEDERBYISLAND for my first ever WOTD!

    Growid : EcoSM

    World contains:
    -Credits to websites and worlds who inspired me
    -Derby race style world
    -Punch and Zombie Jammers
    -A unique design

    Short Story - The floating island is hoalded up by a mysterious horse and a dragon. You need to escape the island as fast as possible



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